Leaving: Packing and Goodbyes

If the title sounds familiar you are now my favorite reader because it means one of three things, you’ve either been here from the beginning, went back and read all of my posts, or you google searched something and you were directed to these post, so I guess if your either of the first two you’re my favorites. However, I love all of you the same, so I guess they just have more brownie points right now. I’m rambling. Anyway, it’s that time a year again and as we are rapidly approaching my one year anniversary of this blog I thought why not reuse a title?

Yesterday I went dorm shopping and I realized that I have a total of two days completely off before I go back to school, and at the moment only eight evenings free, but that’s not counting all the people I need to see but haven’t set dates with yet, I have a lot to do before I leave next Saturday. We have a storage room in our basement where I just threw everything I thought I wouldn’t need for the summer so I could go through it at the end of the summer to repack it all up before I go. I did all the laundry and things like that before I put it all away, well we had a little ant problem in May/June and I guess they managed to get into my zipped bag of sheets, towels, and washcloths, so I have to rewash all of that, what fun.

After pulling out boxes, totes, “organizational pieces” I found that I really had no organization system for anything when I put everything back there. So no I did not follow my own packing tips because I procrastinated way too much to pack up in May. I have a lot to do. My goal this time is to actually be organized moving in this year so I’m not digging through totes for one little thing and instead I have it all readily available.

Goodbyes I think are starting tonight with some of my work friends. I honestly can’t believe how quickly summer has flown by. I’m seeing some other friends later this week probably for the last time, I can’t believe how many people I didn’t even get to see throughout the summer. I can’t believe how quickly time is flying bye. I can’t believe I’m packing up already. I also can’t believe I’ve only been on this blog for almost a year, not even a year. Time is blowing my mind.

Looking back at last year post is so weird, my first post, I left you guys with love, how sweet of me. I think I wrote it in the middle of the night (what’s changed?) mostly because I couldn’t sleep out of excitement and nerves. This year I’m excited to be back and out of this place, I need to get out of here really badly. Mix it up a little bit, however, I know this year is going to be the deciding points of a lot of things so that makes me a little anxious. For example, I decide my major this year (semester??), I pick a study abroad program, if it’s financially feasible and apply for scholarships for that, I’m also taking a lot more communication courses, and I’ll be finishing up all of my core requirements. After this year I’ll be halfway finished my higher education (thank goodness) but it’s already going so much faster than high school went. That’s both good and bad in my opinion, in the end either way it’ll all work out I suppose.




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