Average Adventure: Newport, Rhode Island- Part 1

Hello friends, in case you weren’t aware a few weeks ago I made the six hour journey to Middletown, Rhode Island. Yes, the title says Newport because that’s where we spent most of our time, Middletown is just a cheaper place to spend the night because it’s not right by the beach.

So this was day one of my trip to Rhode Island. The scenery was just breath taking. I did spend the whole time trying to find Connor Kennedy, I mean if you’re going to have a boyfriend you might as well date a Kennedy. Plus, he would probably have a sailboat and that’s the one thing I wanted to do the whole time, was ride a sailboat. Part two soon!



6 responses to “Average Adventure: Newport, Rhode Island- Part 1”

  1. Haha I thought the last bit made me laugh until I got to the tag line along the comment section! Hilarious! But about the post – I really liked these photos! I’ve actually never been here and I consider myself well traveled. Thank you for sharing your experience and your photos!!

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