Box Swaps Gone Wrong?

Yesterday I was sick (still) so I was just laying around perusing through depths of YouTube, and I stumbled upon a box swap, really cool concept, well after watching about three really good box swaps, I stumbled upon something called “the worst box swap ever” well of course I had to watch it and I was astonished. People are complaining about the things they got, I found ones where people were ripped off, or the two of them were going back and forth calling each other liars, it was insane!

The one thing I understood was the ones where specific things were set to be purchased and there was a set budget, especially when you’re spending up to $500 on stuff for them and they barely spent $100. However, when there’s not a set budget, specific products aren’t purchased, then what’s the point? You shouldn’t complain that you didn’t get what you asked for if you didn’t ask for anything. Also, if things are broken that’s probably not the person’s fault, things break in the mail, especially if they’re being sent internationally. That doesn’t make them scammers or cheats.

It was really bothering me how people kept freaking out about little things like a lotion being dented, that doesn’t mean it’s unusable! I felt like a lot of people were being very ungrateful, especially people who really like the products until they found out how much the costs (usually cheaper and drugstore brands rather than high end like expected/wanted) but that shouldn’t change how much they like it. If you’re excited about something I don’t understand why it makes a difference whether or not it’s expensive, especially if there wasn’t a set budget or items.

I think for me what it comes down to is that people should just be grateful for what they have. I mean it’s one thing to get nothing or to get not even half of what you spent, but if it’s close or if you like it until you find the cost, be grateful. Don’t go on YouTube and complain about how terrible the people are, that’s not right. Let me know what you think about box swaps and box swaps gone wrong in the comments! Have any of you ever had a good or bad experience with these?




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