Goodbyes Get Easier

I noticed that this year goodbyes have been a lot easier. This time last year I’m pretty sure I had already cried several times, this year, I have yet to cry. I think it’s because the people I’m saying goodbye to, I already have, it’s already been done, and we’re still friends. We’ve made it through the milestone of a year away from each other, and if we didn’t it’s not sad, that’s just life.

It doesn’t matter that we could be thousands of miles apart, friends stick together as corny as it sounds. I’ve made friends at school but my friends at home are still the same, we still have the same friendships, we’re the same people that we were a year ago when we’re together.

I really try to live by the idea everything happens for a reason and if it’s meant to be it will be. If you’re meant to be friends with someone you’ll be friends with them no matter if the distance is five miles or five hundred miles.

It does get easier saying goodbye as you know that you’ll see each other soon enough and it’ll be the same as it was before, you just have a lot to catch up on and talk about now.

Short post night.




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