An Original Copy.

Well I went out with Meag for fries at 9 and suddenly it’s nearly 2 am. I don’t know how this always happens to me, I’m blaming the YouTube vortex today. Anyway, today I just wanted to express my opinion on how important it is to be an original copy, or yourself. I’ve been seeing a lot of people change over the past year of college, and while many are discovering who they are I think a lot of people are in the high school mentality and change to please other people.

No one is one hundred percent confident in who they are, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t change your personality to form to those around you. If you have potential as an individual why would you want to try and mess that up. You have a chance to be your own person and be original, be that.

If you take everything that you are and show it proudly, there’s a lot less to make fun of, a lot less to be worried about when you’re with other people because they already know and like you for who you really are. If you lie and pretend to be someone else you’re always going to be nervous that you’re going to slip up and someone will see what you really are. Someone is going to catch you in a lie and that’s a lot more embarrassing than actually being okay with who you are.

I am anxious, I am an old soul, I’m afraid of turning 20, I’m a super picky eater, I’m paranoid about sickness, I hate loud and crowded places, I love musicals, and all of my friends no this about me. They know most things about me, I’m not going to try and hide myself from anyone, let alone my friends.

Stop trying to be like everyone around you, just be yourself.



3 thoughts on “An Original Copy.

  1. gettingthroughanxiety September 12, 2014 / 11:37 am


    I totally agree. I’ve seen people change a lot and while sometimes I think it’s bad I really haven’t, I realize it’s a good thing. Yes, I struggle with anxiety but other than that, I like my personality. I’m honest, I like being there for others, I try to be nice to people, if I don’t like people I try not to act otherwise, I’m intelligent, and I care deeply for people and animals. I’m also very opinionated.

    For the record, while I’ve never met you, I think you’re a great person!

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