I’m Quirky!

I would never tell anyone that I’m average, I would rather use words like weird, quirky, different, independent, or unique, because that’s what I am. I think I surprise a lot of people as they get to know me, mostly because I appear normal, I know how to be social, even if I chose not to be.

I like my cereal dry, but still eaten with a spoon. I don’t like most dairy products, I can only eat a kids sized ice cream before it’s too creamy for me. I have a list of things that make me want to vomit in a ranked order, vomit of course being number one. I wake up early in the morning when I can’t decide what time I want to be awake. I can’t stand stepping on cracks in the street, but I love stepping on tree branches and leaves. I don’t like wet foods really and I my favorite drink is water. I’m always tired but I don’t like to sleep.

I like being different though, I like surprising people. I also like that I’m not socially awkward and these little quirks make me funny and not a freak. Well I am socially awkward, but I’m not socially inept. I like that people find that interesting and not super weird. Now I think my friends might see this and think it’s weird that I like being abnormal but it’s what makes me who I am and I like that.

I don’t care what people think about me and maybe that’s a bad thing, or maybe that’s why my entire life is online. If someone doesn’t want to like me for sharing my opinions or my thoughts or my ideas, then why should I care about them? Why do I want them to like me?

I mean, I’m sure most of you are a lot more normal than myself, however, everyone has abnormalities. Embrace them and don’t hide. Be your quirky self.



Tell me what you want, what you really really want!

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