Two Underrated Women YouTubers

While I hate the title of this post, I was just on twitter and I found that these two women need to be addressed because while many YouTubers use their platform to address various issues, these two listen to the stories of their viewers, they seem to generally care about causes and their content. These two women are Hazel Hayes and Lex Croucher. Hazel, or Chewing Sand, currently has 93,739 subscribers and Lex, or tyrannosauruslexxx has 103,569 subscribers, while these are both huge numbers that I will never see here or on my channel, but it’s no where near where I personally think they should be. Both of these women, in my personal opinion deserve to have millions of subscribers because they do actually talk about the real issues, for example Lex has a great video on consent after there was a type of YouTube scandal (watch her video for details), and while Hazel does Tipsy Talks (which are rather funny) she also talks about how to feel comfortable with the way you dress in how to dress for your body, and she’s an actual film maker, with a short film gracing her channel. They actually both participated in the School of YouTube (I think that was last week) and the money from their videos all went to help Comic Relief, which is very noble in my opinion since YouTube is major source of income for the both of them (or at least that’s my understanding), and just seems like the right thing to do.

While they both have great content on their channels, their Twitters are filled with things most social media gurus wouldn’t even think to address. In the past six months both women have brought to light sexual harassment in public situations, in crowded public situations. Commenting on people’s stories, and simply sharing how unacceptable it is. They also bring about unpopular opinions, in situations where most people try to stay neutral and positive, the stay realistic. For example, during the time where people in UK seemed to be taking exams, most YouTubers were saying how the scores didn’t really matter, and Lex said something along the lines, that for some people they really do matter, their scores affect their future and where they end up going to University (at least that’s my understanding).

So if you’re reading this go subscribe to genuine people. I wouldn’t say these are even my favorite YouTubers, I do however, have a huge amount of respect for both of them. I think it’s hard in a new career field for people to stay themselves. I’m not saying that all the other YouTubers change with the fame and money, but I think there’s a pressure for them to remain unbiased and take focus off of major issues because they’re controversial. If you are going to subscribe to anyone on YouTube, these two are my recommendations, hear someone’s actual opinion rather than watch a little skit or makeup tutorial. I don’t know, that’s just my opinion, make a difference.



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