Life Update

I’m just doing a quick little update for a few reasons. One, because I’m currently visiting my friend Alex for the weekend and I miss her. Two, because I haven’t done an update in forever.

Life updates include being annoyed more than usual and having odd dreams, I never have dreams! Last night I dreamt that my uterus fell out, that’s craziness! I’m also in the process of declaring my major and studying abroad applications so that’s happening. I’m also busy with homework and papers and other things like life.

Fall break is soon, it will be filled with working (gross) but some of my friends will be around so that’s nice. I might also be venturing into the city (aka DC) to visit Jade next Saturday. We shall see. I don’t really know what I’m doing, I’m living on the edge. Not really, but let’s pretend I am.

If there are any general questions you have about me or my life leave those in the comments today I will answer because this is what I like to call a bad post and you deserve more.



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