How to Procrastinate

Currently I am procrastinating. I have three papers due Thursday, one is almost complete, but I also homework and reading to do for tomorrow. I really just feel lazy, so instead why not share with you how to procrastinate like me?

  1. Write a blog post about procrastinating.
  2. Shower.
  3. Film five different videos, delete three of them.
  4. Wash your hair with dry shampoo.
  5. Shower and wash your hair with real shampoo.
  6. Start your Christmas shopping early.
  7. Watch proof videos of your OTP and cry.
  8. Watch the newest season of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix.
  9. Cry about how much work you have to do
  10. Go to Target
  11. Go to the park
  12. Paint your nails
  13. Make a cup of coffee. Or three.
  14. Make yourself an airborne water, you don’t want to get that nasty cold that’s been going around!
  15. Read twenty tumblr posts about all of the allegations that have occurred during the past year or so.
  16. Be disgusted by people.
  17. Cry some more.
  18. Fill out your major declaration forms
  19. Look up traveling costs, cry about how poor you are.
  20. Think about painting (but your probably too lazy for the preparation).
  21. Thank about all the papers you have to write about, don’t write them.
  22. Text your friends.
  23. Check every social media sight, maybe even join foursquare or one of those ones no one actually uses.
  24. Get on BuzzFeed.
  25. Sleep.

That my friends is how to procrastinate. Leave your tips on how not to procrastinate in the comments!



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