Hello Moody.

That’s me talking to myself. I don’t know what is wrong with me because it is not PMS but I’m so moody lately. I know, as in I’m very well aware that I need to be more positive. I’m making an effort and one second I’m laughing and the next I’m unmotivated and not wanting to leave bed.

I looked up my symptoms, which you know at least Webmd isn’t telling me I had a seizure this time. I think it’s an over excited website. It did however tell me that I may have just had a baby. I guess I forgot that I gave birth. How interesting. That’s also because my hair fell out and now I have baby hairs. Just no one should give me the internet.

Speaking of the internet I was looking at some old blog posts and I put a lot of my life here. Like basically if you wanted to know anything about me you could probably find it here. Is that bad? Like I don’t think there’s anything incriminating on here, well I don’t do anything illegal so that’s probably why not. Maybe it’s a good thing I haven’t been on any dates because I definitely said I would blog about the next date I go on, who does that? I think I’ve been moody for a very long time and that’s just a little proof. Now I’m nervous what if someone asks me on a date?! What am I going to do?! Probably still blog about it, I don’t really have much of a personal life. I really do take this as my online diary.

Also this week is busy but I really don’t want to face my responsibilities. I think I got annoyed by one thing (comments on a paper that doesn’t even matter) and now everything is annoying me. Trying to finish this paper without getting too annoyed and I’m just thankful that tomorrow is my nicer day. I think the air condition in my room is also broken so the window is open that’s cool.

This was basically just word vomit and my thoughts. I don’t know what else I’m doing really, just waiting for the weekend I suppose.



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