8 or 20?

With my quarter-life crisis, a term I thought I created but didn’t, I’ve noticed that I’ve been experience childish tendencies. I’m not sure if this is a product of not wanting to grow up or just enjoying childish things.

Honestly, I’ve been spending my evening (with the exception of a meeting and a walk) coloring, eating cheetos (because I’m out of fruit snacks), and drinking Capri Sun while watching The Office. At first I was kind of like embarrassed, but why? It makes me happy. If I’m clinging to any type of childhood inside of me that’s okay I suppose. I did watch a rated R movie today, does that make me more agely advanced? I’m not sure.

Last year at this time I was crocheting up a storm and this year I’m coloring. I go through phases. I also want to go and paint pottery tomorrow, so if anyone from school is reading this let me know if you want to join me. I’m either doing that or going to Michaels to do some painting. Staying creative is very important to me. It’s a good release from stress and homework.

Is it okay to be childish? I’m going to go with yes, right now I have time to be before I have to grow up and do other things like work at a real job. This is fun and it makes me happy. Creativity and Capri Sun (water of course I don’t do too much sugar) go very well. If anyone wants to think I’m childish that’s okay, I’m happy with it.



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