No More.

I think everyone needs to start taking a stand for themselves, so here is me taking mine. This is a list of things I will no longer take from anyone.

  • Lies. I am worth the truth, even if it hurts.
  • Backstabbing. Go ahead talk about me behind my back, soon you’ll run out of things to stay and you’ll lose your credibility to everyone else.
  • Apologies for things I feel. I can’t be sorry about being sad and I can’t be sorry about being mad. I’m not going to be sorry that are all up to my emotions.
  • Letting people waste my time. My time is my most valuable resource and if you can’t respect my time but expect me to respect yours that’s a problem and I don’t need you in my life.
  • Part-time people. You’re either here for me or you’re not. It’s one or the other.
  • A second choice. I’m nobody’s backup plan.
  • Apologizing for my looks. I’m not sorry that I don’t wear makeup everyday. I’m not sorry my hair is a little bit crazy. I’m not sorry that I wear leggings as pants. And the only person that I feel sorry about my weight for is myself.
  • Apologizing for doing better than someone. I’m not sorry that you don’t get hours at work and I do, that’s not my fault. I’m not sorry that I got an internship and you didn’t. I’m not sorry that I got an A on the test I studied for and you didn’t, heck I’m not even sorry that I got an A n the test I didn’t study for and you did.
  • Feeling bad for saying no. I’m only human, I can only do so much and I’m not going to say yes to everything I’m asked anymore.

So these are just some things that I’m not doing or dealing with anymore. I want everyone to make a strive to not be such pushovers too so if you do a post like this let me know so I can read it!



2 thoughts on “No More.

  1. alexk710 November 6, 2014 / 9:39 am

    I seriously think about this all the time haha like I’m so quick to agree with/ say yes to people sometimes then I end up regretting it. I could definitely benefit from making a similar list :p also you’re perfect k bye.

    • Mary November 6, 2014 / 1:23 pm

      Make one!! You’re more perfect #justsaying

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