Long Day.

My schedule got mixed up today and now it’s 11 and I’m trying to finish my health presentation that has no rubric and everything that had a rubric she gave everyone 100% on but I feel like this is going to be different so I’m going to stay up to finish and make it perfect and then the grading will be ridiculous or something. Sigh, college. So today since it’s now 11:01 I thought I would just give 25 facts about myself because what else do I do on short notice like this?! Someone give me some thoughts on what I should do when I run out of time, on the plus side next  year when things get like this I won’t feel obligated to myself to do this.

  1. I don’t know how to tie my shoes the correct way, I have to do it the easy way
  2. I paint my nails but chip it off within a few days
  3. Lately I’ve hated wearing socks so my Converse REEK
  4. I am obviously participating in No-shave November, my legs are looking really good
  5. My glasses are always dirty
  6. I wear the same ring and bracelet everyday
  7. My dorm room is so hot, I have the window open and it’s doing NOTHING
  8. I hate long nails, long toenails make me want to vomit
  9. I love glitter but I hate the mess
  10. I think short films are beautiful, unless they’re poorly made
  11. I don’t like flowers, especially roses
  12. Ironically my middle name is Rose because my mom’s name is Roseanne, so was my grandmom’s
  13. I used to love texting and being on my phone but now I mostly just use it as a security blanket when I’m uncomfortable.
  14. My most comfortable shirt has pot leaves on it because I didn’t know what they are
  15. I’m not good at handling my emotions and I’m far more likely to cry at a movie than at my own life.
  16. The health project I’m working on is about breastfeeding
  17. This health class has only turned me more off to the idea of birthing children
  18. I have an exciting thing I want to do planned for December it’s just a matter of whether or not I’m capable of doing it.
  19. I still haven’t cried about my dog dying, which is weird
  20. I actually got all the classes I wanted for next semester
  21. I’ll have Fridays off and I won’t start until five on Mondays and Wednesdays
  22. I like to read motivational quotes when I’m feeling lazy
  23. My school is trying to figure out what to do about snow days, they’re talking about holding virtual classes. I don’t think that will go well.
  24. I like dark chocolate wayyy more than regular milk chocolate
  25. I keep trying to make decisions for the future but I hate making decisions

There you go, 25 facts about me. All you needed to know.



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