Everything Happens for a Reason.

I really like the idea that everything happens for a reason and I really always have. Not only is it comforting when things are really bad but it makes life really interesting when you look back on choices you made and the outcomes of such things.

I like to think about what if I would have gone to University of Scranton instead of where I am now, and it would be really different. I might not blog, which that in and of itself is very weird to me at this point. I wouldn’t have the amazing friends that I’ve made here. It’s crazy to think that if I would have gone four hours in a different direction I wouldn’t even know these people.

What if I would have gotten into plays or musicals in high school? Maybe I wouldn’t have gotten a job when I did so maybe I wouldn’t go home once a month or maybe I wouldn’t have gone to Europe and met Lindsay and discovered my love for travel.

I think that it’s important that everyone just keeps in mind that everything does happen for a reason. Like even when things are really bad I like to remember that it’s happening for a reason and something really positive could come out of it. Negatives don’t always have to be negatives and my plan is to see the light in every problem because you never know when bad news can lead to good news.


Tell me what you want, what you really really want!

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