Feeling Behind

I’m not behind but I’m not ahead so I feel behind. I’m leaving tomorrow afternoon to go pick up Lindsay and I’m already mostly packed and ready to go but I still feel really behind. I think it’s because I looked at a calendar for December for the first time today and I thought I had more time in the year than I actually do.

The end of the semester always goes by really fast because all of the sudden I just had basically three weeks of no work, that’s what happens when you have the same professor for two classes and all the due dates are the same and they also happen to line up with every other due date so I’ve only had really small things to do. Now I’m getting stressed out that I have a lot more to do, even though I have time. I want to do really well on these last few things, which is good because that means I’ll really try. For some reason I just got this sudden drive to do a lot of stuff which is really good because I need that drive to get stuff done. I don’t want the drive to do nothing which is what I feel like I’ve been like for a while.

My advice to people who feel like they’re falling behind but really aren’t- go for it and get ahead if you can. Like tonight for example I’m going to finish packing and cleaning because there are fees if there’s trash in my room over break, I’m going to map out a paper so I can write it over break. I’m also hopefully going to finish some stuff for my December project and make sure everything is in line for that. I might also try to get ahead on some stuff for my literature class but we’ll see about that one since I just handed in something for my research paper that I’m second guessing that.

For those of you who are beyond the point getting ahead and you have fallen into the category of being behind, that’s okay. It happens to the best of us and you can’t do much about it at this point other than work really hard to get where you need to be. Don’t let the fact that you’re behind stop you, let it motivate you to work hard and get to the point where you’re on track. Once you’re there maybe you can get ahead. It’s important not to let the bad get you down because that doesn’t help anything.




One thought on “Feeling Behind

  1. Pomegranatelover November 24, 2014 / 10:06 pm

    Needed to hear this, thanks. It gets really overwhelming when the semester end is so close, you know with last minutes tests, homeworks, lab papers due, etc. So frustrating yet sweet with the feeling that you are so close to done! :)

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