The Clueless Friend

I’ve always been the clueless friend, kind of realizing it, kind of not. I watched this video and I thought “oh that’s not going to be” it was. It was so me.

I think I’ve always been that friend. I’m just not hip or with the times. I honestly never what’s going on. I’m am the clueless one, which makes me kind of sad. Ask me why there are lights on a Christmas tree I can give you the answer, ask me what fleek means, no freaking clue. I’ve always been like this though, and it’s really frustrating to me because I don’t try to be clueless I just either don’t pay attention enough or I’m just naive I suppose.

For me it’s very frustrating because I don’t like to be clueless, contrary to popular belief I really like to know a lot of information. I like collecting facts but somehow I’m still clueless. It’s also odd because people don’t realize that I’m serious when I don’t know what they’re talking about. I’m 20 with the mindset of a 50 year-old.

Being clueless isn’t fun, it’s never been fun, but I’ve also never been the person who gets the joke right away. It’s gotten to the point where I’ll just flat out say “I don’t get it, sorry” or “What does ‘blank’ mean?” or “Elaborate please,” because I just don’t understand. I’m sure it’s frustrating for my friends but I can’t help it! I just missed the part of the brain where everyone seems to get this information. I don’t even know how many times I had to look up ‘lmfao’ up before I could actually remember what it means. It’s like I missed the part of my brain that teaches normal people how to be a teen/young adult and for me the part that makes you like an older person kicked in early. I am kind of okay with technology though, but my dad works in IT so I feel like I just kind of picked things up from him. I don’t know, I’m clueless but I don’t think I would live life any other way.

Are you the clueless friend?



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