My First Time Tag

Well look at me blogging before work, we can all thank Adi for that one. She tagged me to do the “My First Time” tag, which I might have done before but these questions are different than those ones, if I ever actually did that, I’m too lazy to look into it. You guys might know Adi as “The Happy Lifeaholic” If you don’t know her, I’m surprised! She is a great blogger so go check her out! Her first time post can be read here!

First Best Friend: My first best friend was actually best friends– twins! Courtney and Kelsey who lived across the street from me growing up. I moved before kindergarten and they moved in third grade (I think…).

First kiss:

Honestly let’s just not talk about this because it was embarrassing and gross. I try to forget it myself.

First boyfriend/girlfriend:

I “dated” my first boyfriend from January of 9th grade to I want to say February/March of 10th grade. He was and still is very attractive, but it was an immature relationship that ran its course. He was and probably still is a great guy.

First Celebrity Crush:




In case you don’t know who this is, it’s Ethan Craft from Lizzie McGuire, and just like Lizzie he made me swoon a little bit. I don’t think I ever had a huge celebrity crush really, I mean Zac Efron but not really.

First time cooking:

Hannah and I used to bake with our moms and I would make food every now and then but I honestly don’t know the first time I ever like cooked a whole meal. Probably because I’ve never done that.

First word:

I want to say it was like balloon but I honestly don’t know why I think it was that but I think it was. Mom if you’re reading comment so everyone can know, I’m too lazy to yell upstairs for you.

First pet:

Fish, lots and lots of fish until I got a dog in the first grade.

First time you got stitches/broke a bone:

Never, *knocks on wood* but I did burn myself so badly this summer that I had to go the ER. Apparently it’s still a topic of discussion at work and I think everyone needs to move on.

First phone:

It was a pink Nokia that broke within the first month so I had a very cheap Go Phone to replace it until I could upgrade.

First tweet/Facebook post:

Are you following me on twitter? @mrmilligan13


This was right after I got back from Europe and Katie and Lindsay told me to get a twitter, I didn’t understand.


14 year old Mary lived a riveting life. I would say it still holds true today.

First makeup:

I got a makeup kit for dress up when I was younger, but in middle school my mom bought me eyeliner that I was allowed to wear to school.

This is my first times of life and such.

I’m going to tag:

Katie: Great book reviews, she is a very open person which I love. She also has a very funny twitter so I’m excited to see her first tweet.

Hiba: My first internet friend, so it seems only fitting that she does this. She is a really good writer and her posts either make me laugh or think. We are very similar people so I can usually relate to what she says.

Logan: I think she said in the new year she is going to try and blog more, this is my way of reminding her that she should. I go to college with Logan and she is such a great friend and writer. Like I would read her stories in News Writing and ooze jealousy because hers were so good and mine were at best mediocre.

Izzy: Her flawless layout is accompanied by great writing. When I get anxious I love to read her posts to remember that I’m not alone. Again, someone a lot like myself that I never would have found without the internet.

Check out these lovely ladies and their fantastic writing!



One thought on “My First Time Tag

  1. Adi the Happy Lifeaholic December 27, 2014 / 10:21 pm

    OMG Ethan Craft!! It’s been so long! I’m pretty sure I was enamored of him at some point as well. :D Love the post :)

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