Ignore Problems: They Still Exist

I have this huge problem where I think if I ignore a problem for long enough it will just cease to exist. For example today I ordered gloves. It’s mid-January and I live in-between my house in Lancaster PA and Northern Maryland, it’s been winter for a good two months in the areas. Like it’s snowed at least three times since I’ve been home and I just ordered gloves for the winter. My chapped and cold hand have been shoved in my pockets since I broke out the winter jacket in late October/ early November just because I thought my hands wouldn’t be cold if I ignored the problem.

I think this is something I have always done and something I will probably always do. If you ignore something long enough it will just go away, this is false, it will probably get worse. You can’t just pretend a problem doesn’t exist, it seems like a really good tactic but it’s not. If we could just ignore problems then there wouldn’t be things like war, because we could just ignore a country causing problems and they would cease to exist to us. Which would be good, but also bad because you have to face all of your problems.

Problems suck plain and simple but there isn’t much you can do to avoid them. You can pretend they don’t exist, you can try and hide from them, you can procrastinate and try to hide but eventually face them, or you can just face them right away. It’s usually best to just face them right off the bat. I mean I’m not comparing my glove problem to any other problem because it’s really not that big of a problem but I should’ve just bought a pair one of the million times I was at Target because I go there all the time.

Face your problems head on because the longer you wait to deal with them the worse they’re going to get. Take my advice and don’t buy your gloves in mid-January.



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