The Ladybug.

So all winter I let a ladybug find shelter on the light in my room. Eventually it went away, I assumed it went out the door or died and I would eventually find it.

Fast forward to Thursday. By this point I’ve forgotten. Other than a few tweets there’s really nothing but memories of my little winter ladybug friend that I sheltered for a few weeks. I just forgot about it, a little detail of one of my busiest semesters yet. So Thursday I’m sitting on my floor looking for a paper or something I was supposed to be doing and after moving something there it is. There is my ladybug. I say my like it belonged to me, but I guess it was like my little ladybuddy or something like that.

So obviously I feel obligated to do something. It seemed injured so I didn’t know what to do. Normally when you touch a ladybug, it’ll spread it’s wings and try to fly or actually fly. In this case I picked it up on the piece of paper and it wouldn’t fly. It even crawled of the paper and wouldn’t fly. I assumed that it was severely injured. I thought about euthanizing it, but I kept it safe for so long it didn’t seem right. So I decided to set it free in the wild. By wild I mean the little mulch area outside my building. Again, I thought that would be the end of that.

So now we’re up to yesterday. Eric and I got back from dinner and went to my room and you will never guess what was on his sweatshirt. THE FREAKING LADYBUG! We thought it was dead, so we sadly threw it in the trash. Okay maybe it wasn’t that sad of an occasion but it happened. I continue about my normal day, go to the bathroom and come back. The ladybug is hanging out on my ceiling light. It went back to where it stayed all winter.

I’m assuming this is the same ladybug simply because I like to feel needed and wanted and that’s what this seems like to me. I thought I would share this funny little story of the ladybug who will never leave me. I currently don’t know where it is. It was no longer on the light when I left my room for Easter with my family. If you would like an update on this feel free to follow me on twitter where I used to update a lot but kind of stopped @mrmilligan13.

It’s the little things.



One thought on “The Ladybug.

  1. gettingthroughanxiety April 5, 2015 / 9:35 am

    That’s such a cute story and my bet is that it’s the same ladybug. Considering they say that ladybugs are good luck, maybe it’s trying to tell you something! You’re a good person, Mary, and I’m sure it appreciates you taking after it! Also, killing one is said to be bad luck, if you believe in that. Anyway, thanks for sharing the story! Happy Easter!

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