Late Night Blogging with Mary: Part 2

Well I’m back with some late night blogging.

I hate that half of what I blog about is not being able to blog. I honestly think that it’s because I’m not used to it anymore. I fall in and out of routines in the blink of an eye and it’s just sad. It’s sad to look at my lack of progress compared to last year at this time. Like this time last year I had already doubled my following from the start of the year, I had an average amount of traffic on a daily basis. I understand that this is all because I’ve stopped daily blogging but since doing that I miss the consistency. I also now spend less time thinking up blog post ideas. I used to sit around for hour and do nothing but list and research and search for ideas to blog about but now I think I have more time when I really don’t. It’s really bothering me and I don’t want like people think that I peaked, because I know I didn’t. There’s still so much more that could come out of me, I just need to figure out how to access it. I really think it comes down to me being an all or nothing kind of person and I need to come back to being an all person on my blog. I’m sorry that all I talk about is not being able to blog, that needs to be fixed.

Okay but onto other things. Recently I’ve started working in retail and it blows me away how much money people spend on themselves, it’s almost admirable. I hope one day to be so financially stable that I don’t have to think twice about spending buckets of money on myself. However, I will have to make sure that I’m helping the world before I can spend a lot of money on myself. Side question based on money- how can I make money like on my computer? I’ve been doing i-say surveys and stuff like that but does anyone know of anything else? I’m trying to fill my free time by making money.

Did you know I have catch phrases? Okay so I didn’t realize this until Eric started pointing it out to me. I say “I don’t sleep,” “Here’s the thing,” (which is most likely followed by “I don’t care”) “Okay so,” and there are even ones that I do when I blog, which is like the basics like “like” and “okay” and “so”. Do you notice any others? It’s kind of annoying but kind of cool at the same time. Do you have any of your own?

These are my late night thoughts tonight. Real post will hopefully come soon. Let me know if you have answers to my questions or anything you want to hear from me.




One thought on “Late Night Blogging with Mary: Part 2

  1. gettingthroughanxiety July 1, 2015 / 11:17 am

    It’s funny you mentioned the catch phrase thing because I noticed yesterday that I tend to start out posts with “sometimes” or “many times”, which I actually find annoying.

    When it comes to making money online, if you’re interested, there’s a website called, where you can take this test and if you pass you can get paid for writing. When I took the test, it had me write different things like reviews for products, movie descriptions, etc. Unfortunately, I didn’t pass (which really bummed me out). You have to read the directions extremely carefully, which may have been my problem because I think I was a little nervous and felt rushed at the time.

    Anyway, I’m really proud of you finding a job! That alone is making progress and you shouldn’t sell yourself short!

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