Late Night Blogging with Mary: Part 4

Okay so I know this is the last post I did too, but it’s late and I’m blogging so it’s late night blogging with Mary.

Here’s the thing. I’ve been writing a lot of blog posts but I’m just not finishing them. Like I’ll get a paragraph, two, maybe three finished and then I’m done. Like I still have more to say it’s just not translating to my fingers to be written on these pages of the internet.

I spend A LOT of time on BuzzFeed and watching BuzzFeed videos. Like for example right now I’m watching two women get lip injections for the first time. Why? What else could I do with my time? Also I’m terrified of needles so I can’t watch people actually get injected. Really I want to see the before and after pictures. I’m also curious- did BuzzFeed pay for this? Like is this technically work for them? I mean it’s their job to make the video so I’m sure they get some type of compensation if not all??? But I think that about a lot of the videos they make, and a bunch of people got tattoos for the first time, like were they all paid for? Also do they have like a studio or something where they film like all the sketch videos? Do they make announcements when they’re filming in the office so everyone knows what’s going on? Where do these ideas even come from? Listen, I have a lot of questions for BuzzFeed and like 95% of them revolve around their videos but I also have a lot of other questions too. Like their actual writers is that all they do all day at work? Write? That’s awesome. Where do they get their ideas? Are they assigned? I just have a lot of questions.

Also, why do I wait so long to go to the bathroom? Like I’ll just sit around and do my little potty dance but I won’t go. It’s ridiculous. Also, it’s bad for the kidney.

I also do this new thing- which is absolutely terrible I do the two screen, but worse. I watch two different things, one on the tv and something on my laptop. I focus between the two though. It’s so bad. It’s like the multitasking is taking over every aspect of my life. I now have to watch two things at once.

I also just watched a BuzzFeed video about if men were treated like women in the office and it really upset me. Inequality really upsets me. It upsets me that if I end up engaged or married one day I have a better chance of getting a job if I take off my engagement/wedding ring. There’s a lot of inequality and that’s the one that affects me the most so I think that’s why it really upsets me, but really whenever there is inequality I get upset. It really bothers me that people disagree with marriage equality. Like I hate seeing people on Facebook “praying that people see the error of their ways” or whatever they say. Let the live their own lives, it doesn’t affect anyone else. Like that’s the thing with equality, it doesn’t hurt anyone it only helps people, so why is it such a big deal? Why is equality in any sense even a question? I don’t understand.

But that’s all today. I suppose this was more questions than answers or anything today. Mary after dark.




2 thoughts on “Late Night Blogging with Mary: Part 4

  1. gettingthroughanxiety July 18, 2015 / 12:06 pm

    Wow! So many thoughts in one post! The inequality thing bothers me too. I think the reason some people are so against equality is because they either start stereotyping others or they are afraid or critical of what they don’t understand. For example, I’m for gay marriage and happy that gay couples can finally be treated equally when it comes to marriage. However, there are so many people out there that are outraged by this. Why? Because they’ve somehow grown to believe that same-sex marriage is wrong or that those who are gay deserve less rights. Also, I think inequality stems from prejudice. People start thinking that certain races, religions, or genders are certain ways and before you know it, they become prejudice and want to limit the rights of others. It’s sad and wrong, but I think that’s how it happens.

    I hate inequality as well. I hate hearing comments that people make against other religions, races, etc.

    • Mary July 19, 2015 / 3:52 pm

      It makes me sad haha. I just wish we would evolve to a point where we could just be happy with everything!

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