Late Night Blogging with Mary: Part 8

It’s one of those days where you look at the clock and suddenly it’s 10 pm and you’re just kind of wondering where the time went. I mean I guess I spent most of my day at work, which throws me off a little bit because usually I’m only there for a few hours.

Anyway, I thought maybe I would just produce some updates. Tomorrow I will be celebrating my 21st birthday and going away with my family and friends so that’ll be nice even though both my birthday and going away are about a month away.

I’ve been watching a lot of videos of people with Irish accents so I feel like I’m not struggling to understand them when I get there, is that weird? I’ve also been watching a lot of packing videos, everyone packs the same. Everyone’s like ” Oh here’s a tip you’ve never heard” and I’ve literally heard it in every single video. I’m beginning to think they’ve all read the same packing articles that I have!

It’s so weird right now. Everyone is packing and getting ready to go back to school but I still have another month. Like exactly a month from now I will be in Ireland. I just feel almost like I’m not going to school because everyone is leaving, like even my school friends are leaving so it just feels so weird. I think it’s going to seem even weirder when I go to school to see everyone before I leave because it’s like I’m at my school but it’s not going to be my school for the semester. It’s just a hard concept for my mind to grasp for some reason.

It’s also weird that in little over a month I’ll be turning 21. It’s not going to be a huge deal since drinking is already legal in Ireland, but it does seem weird. I think I’ve said it every year since I’ve turned 18, but it’s like you’re turning to be a real adult, there’s no more age limits on anything. I can go to Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Not that I want to, I just can. Do you know what I mean? It’s just weird to me. However, I am not having quite the quarter life crisis that I had when I turned 20, thank goodness.

Also I’m very tired. It’s only 11 but I feel like I go just go straight to sleep right now. I’ve done that the past few nights but then I’ll get up at like 8:30 which is kind of ridiculous if you ask me. Is this the evolution to becoming a real adult? I hope not. I think it’s like one of those things you do once so your body adapts. I mean during school I wake up at 8:30 everyday so I guess it’s not too weird. I just feel like it’s summer so I feel like I should sleep in more.

What has everyone been up to??? Work? School? Life??



5 thoughts on “Late Night Blogging with Mary: Part 8

  1. gettingthroughanxiety August 14, 2015 / 11:59 pm

    Well since you won’t be here on your birthday and are celebrating it tomorrow, happy early birthday! Also, I don’t think it’s weird that you’re watching a lot of videos of people with Irish accents, I think it’s a really good idea! I hope you have a great time celebrating your birthday tomorrow and hope you continue having fun packing! Have a good night!

    • Mary August 16, 2015 / 8:11 pm

      Thank you! I think it’s a good idea too, but also kind of weird haha. We will see if it works!

    • Mary August 16, 2015 / 8:11 pm

      Aw thank you!! I will finish the ones you’ve nominated me for this week! It’s my mission.

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