Lush Rant

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Lush. I could easily spend all of my money there, very very easily. When I go into the store I love their customer service and friendliness. However, online it is not the same.

We all know how excited I was for the online sale yesterday, well, the website was essentially a piece of crap and didn’t work. At all. It took me over two hours just to buy six things. I would add something to the cart, it would crash, I would go to checkout, it would crash. It was a piece of crap. What I have gathered from twitter is that this happens ever year, which that should probably be thought about every year then, in my opinion.

So anyway, after two hours, I put my computer away, cleaned my room and went to work, thinking my order was on it’s way. Well, today I’m on the phone with Eric and he’s looking at the sale to see if he wants anything, and I realized that I  never got an email confirming my order. So I go to my account, nothings there, so my next instinct is to check my bank account. I was charged twice, one of the times was when it crashed during check out, I didn’t confirm the order, the order was never presented as confirmed to me, so I assumed it didn’t go through, so the second order was just a repeat of my second order. Nope, I got charged twice. So of course, I hung up the phone with Eric and called.

So of course I caught this too late, that’s my fault for not checking sooner, so of course they already of tracking numbers so if they’re on the truck, I can’t get a refund until I get the package, I can call for a shipment label because for some ridiculous reason they can’t send that until I have the package in my hands, get the shipping label, call UPS, send it back, and once they get it back I can get my $50 refund. Ask me how happy I am about it, not at all. And it all comes back to it wouldn’t have happened if they would have had a properly working website. I wouldn’t be out 50 bucks for approximately the next three to four weeks.

Lush- SEND EMAIL CONFIRMATIONS OF ORDERS. Honestly, the conversation needs to be better when ordering. My order didn’t even show up in my account until I was on the phone with customer support person which is actually ridiculous. Work on your website orders, there’s obviously some major issues with it. I won’t be using it again, I’ll suck it up and go to a store. Luckily you have good products otherwise I would be long gone, as soon as some other cruelty free, more affordable shop comes along you might have some major competition, at least in my eyes.

Did anyone else have problems with the sale? Or was it smooth sailing? If you’re following me on twitter you probably saw my extreme frustration. Was I the only one in this boat? Let me know.



4 thoughts on “Lush Rant

  1. gettingthroughanxiety December 28, 2015 / 11:57 am

    I’ve never been on this store’s website, but I got frustrated just reading about this! Definitely make sure you keep any evidence that you called or anything, they don’t seem very trust worthy. Also, you emailed me yesterday, right? Just asking because it was a really short email and I just want to make sure it was actually from you since I never got one back (which is fine if it was really you!)

    • Mary December 29, 2015 / 5:49 pm

      That’s how I feel! Now they’re going to email me the shipping label rather than send it so I guess that’s a small step up.

        • Mary December 30, 2015 / 10:35 pm

          I think so!

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