SMH America…

Today we woke up to the biggest mass shooting that this country has seen, however, it is not even close to the first one, or first one this year, or even first one this week. 50 people are dead and 53 are injured. My question is why? When will we learn?

Over 200 years ago this country was born on the principle of freedom, which unfortunately includes the right to bear arms. Well, to everyone who has a gun in their house, under their bed, locked in a safe, or in their night stand “just in case”, good for you. However, the right to bear arms was written in a time when guns weren’t automatic and it would be (as it should be) rather difficult to kill and injure of 100 people at a night club. What did these people do to this man who made him want to kill them? Yesterday morning we woke to the news that a 22-year-old singer was killed after a concert. What could she have possibly done to provoke someone who much to warrant shooting her? I believe the answer is nothing.

The world has changed since 1776. We have the internet, cars, and automatic rifles. Now, I don’t know much about guns because I find them absolutely terrifying. I understand that people need them to feel protected, but what do you need to be protected from? Other guns? Then who wins, the person who shoots first?

The evidence shows in countries all over the world, there’s a  mass shooting, so they have gun control. That is logic. I unfortunately know that we will never have as strict of gun control policies as I would like in this country. The older I get and the more I see the direction that the land of the free and the home of the brave is going, I want to leave more and more. Can we do something to prevent guns from being sold to mentally unstable people? Apparently not. The NRA pays congress members to vote against laws that would protect the average citizen from guns.

There’s a lot of things I don’t feel safe about in this world, however, none of those things would ever lead me to purchase a gun. There is nothing in me that could take a life away from someone. To be perfectly blunt, American politicians need to open their eyes, stop taking bribes, and get their shit together. People are dying from ignorance, hatred, and simply being stubborn. Sure, take your right to bear arms and please buy a musket from 1776, I would be much more comfortable with that.

Write to your senators and representatives. This country needs a change, people aren’t supposed to die like this.



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