The Biggest New Year Goal

The loom of failed 2014 goals have been over my head since about January 2nd. I’m very hard on myself when it comes to goals, I hate to think that I could fail. I don’t like to fail. I don’t like to think that failure is in my horizon but it is always there just waiting for me. The number one goal on my list was to blog everyday and get 300 followers and guess what I HAVE 300 FOLLOWERS! This made me cry last night and it’s making me cry again.

I’ve been doing the count with my emails when I’m not on my computer because I’ve been in single digits all week. I must have miscounted because when I hopped on the computer last night I saw the number 300 and it didn’t really register for a few hours. Like I saw it, assumed it was wrong, worked on some Christmas presents, came back to respond to a comment and then it hit me, I accomplished something I didn’t think would happen.

I assumed that I would maybe get 200 by the end of the year, I hit 100 in March and I had already been blogging for about six months. I can’t quite remember when I hit 200, I want to say July, and another 100 just seemed like it was becoming impractical. I guess not because it happened last night, so thank you. Thank you to all of you who follow me and comment and like. Thank you to those of you who silently read and enjoy. Thank you to my friends and family for endless support and compliments on my blog, even the quoting of me to me, I love it. I love everyone and I’ve been crying happiness tears since last night.

So I’m going to celebrate on Friday with IHOP and I invite you to join me at your perspective IHOPs or I mean if you’re local and I like you why not? Just kidding please don’t be creepy and find my IHOP unless I know you in real life or we’ve talked before.

You’re the best. Thank you for helping me reach my goals.