Late Night Blogging with Mary: Part 29

Once upon a time, I started this blog because I was going to college and I wanted to document the most mundane of adventures. Did I ever really do that? Not really. It has been three and a half years of rants, thought vomit, out of this world adventures, and sometimes just straight non-sense.

Yesterday, I hit 500 followers. I didn’t cry or shout like I thought I would (well I was at work) but I did get teary eyed. a little shaken and quite frankly a little overwhelmed. That’s a lot of people my friends.

Anyway, so thank you for that. It’s very moving.

Speaking of moving, I have been watching “Girl Boss” which is slightly inspiring. Like Sophia is a one-of-a-kind type of gal who doesn’t always do what’s best and not always what I would do. However, she is quite the go-getter, which is admirable. The show starts off with Sophia (the main character) going on about how being an adult sucks; which is a sentiment I am starting to sympathize with.

While applying for many, many jobs I have found it to be barely bearable. I’m honestly so over it. It’s so boring and excruciatingly painstaking. However, I shall press on and find a job that will do until I have a million children and can start up my mommy blog.

So here’s just a short little LNBM for now. Still working on the re-brand. I’d say by June it’ll be full swing.


My Final Semester


Tomorrow is my last first day of school. I might’ve said that last semester, but really this is the last one. I have never been so excited but so nervous for school to be over.

It’s weird because this is really the beginning of the end. Five months from now I’m going to be a “real” adult. No more walk-in meal under the lump sum of my meal plan, same with the apartment. Work will no longer be holding babies and doing random things for the marketing department (okay depending on how things work out that could still be a thing) but really, my life is about to really change over the next few months.

I cannot begin to describe how quickly the past four years have gone and how much I have changed. I really do feel like it was just yesterday I was dreading going back for another semester, and this year I was itching to get back. Reflecting on my time at Hood has been amazingly reassuring to me, as well as my future.

I’m not good at change, and I never have been, yet it’s something I’ve craved for as long as I can remember. Maybe it’s because of my major FOMO and I want to know what else the world can offer me, if it’s not that I don’t know what it could be. However, whenever I get to the new I end up afraid of missing what I left behind which is probably why I hated my freshman year of college.

I think the greatest lessons I learned during my time here so far, well those outside of class includes who to trust, how to get to that point, and not everyone changes/evolves at the same rate as you. College has allowed me to meet a lot of people and realize what I’m looking for not only in friends but mentors and bosses.


2017 Goals


The yearly post. This is quite possibly the only yearly blog post that I have routinely written. As I wrote in a post earlier this week, I am beyond ready for the new year, and here are the many (that I will hopefully keep) goals for 2017. As I point out every year (I think), I make goals rather than resolutions because I don’t want to make myself change but rather just make goals to achieve, if that makes any sense. This year a lot revolve around my blog because other than Donald it was probably my biggest disappointment of 2016.

  1. Blog at LEAST three times a week.
  2. Go self-hosted, break out of .wordpress (eek!!)
  3. Get my first real adult job doing something I love.
  4. Move out of my parent’s house.
  5. Travel somewhere cool.
  6. Grow in my relationships with God and Jesus.
  7. Learn something new
  8. Eat better– i.e. eventually no more dairy or soy, the crux of all of my stomach issues
  9. Find a therapist wherever I end up post-graduation to continue positively growing with my mental health.
  10. Be creative all the time, in thinking, in daily life, constantly expanding my mind in creativity.

What are your goals for the new year?’


Short Cuts to be a Pretend Adult

I don’t know if you guys know this but I pretend to be an adult, it’s in my twitter bio. I do things that make people think that I’m a grownup- heck the kids I babysit think I’m old, which is half true. I make up a lot of stuff to make it seem like I know what I’m doing. I mean if you’re close to me you really know that I don’t know what I’m doing (ever). I thought that maybe it would be useful to share my tips to be a productive pretend adult so that other people can do the same.

  1. Put your dirty towels on top of your favorite dirty clothes so you don’t take them out of the laundry and wear them again. It forces you to do your laundry so that you can wear your favorite items.
  2. When you know you have to wash your bed sheets (do it once a week and feel good about yourself) take off your pillow case because no one wants to sleep on a bare pillow.
  3. Limit the number of dishes you have that way you wash them faster because you run out faster.
  4. Don’t buy the fatty stuff. If you are trying to avoid potato chips don’t buy them at the store then they aren’t sitting in your room waiting to be eaten and tempting you.
  5. If you’re around sick people vitamin C is your best friend. They make them like cough drops and it’s in a lot of drinks and it’s good to not get sick.
  6. Bribe yourself to do work, but use very mundane things like showers and fruit snacks (of course fruit leather because fruit snacks are too sugary for my liking) and if you are really struggling use chocolate and little trips to the store.
  7. Do fun things that keep you young. I don’t like saying that because I’m only 20 but coloring and painting and doing any other crafts are relaxing. I’m also at that age where people think “abstract” art is cool so my random lines of paint are oddly visually appealing to some.
  8. Exercise and if you hate it like me, bribe yourself with Goldfish. That’s what I did yesterday. I’m trying one of those 7 minute workout app things and I’m sure it’s not effective at all, but I will pretend it is until I find the time and motivation to go on a real run.
  9. Pick positive influences and people to surround yourself with. There is no reason to be an adult and have “friends” who don’t give two shits about you.
  10. Go to Target, look at the grownup stuff, skip it all and then buy some chocolate or other random things you will never need. Target’s great for all of that.

What are your tips of being a grown up? I need all the help I can get.