Goodbye America

I am currently in the airport writing this on Microsoft word because there isn’t wifi so we will see if there’s an actual post that goes up in America. It’s funny because I’ve had this post idea in my head for so long. Like “I can totally do a post in the airport as my … More Goodbye America

Question of the Week: Am I Over Packing?

I would call myself an over packer, I’m afraid of forgetting something important (i.e. Chew Bunny), after watching countless packing videos, reading countless packing lists, and  packing and repacking my suitcase, I’ve come to the conclusion that I am definitely overpacking. But how? I have crossed out things that I’ve planned on packing, taken things … More Question of the Week: Am I Over Packing?


I was going to edit pictures but it’s 9pm and I haven’t edited them yet so it’s not going to happen today. But, in the past week I’ve been nominated for THREE awards, so thank you to those of you who nominated me. I thought I would do two of them that I was nominated … More Awards!