Travel Tips

I’ve noticed that for my blog that was intended to revolve around travel, I’ve never really done a post on travel tips or anything of the sorts so I thought maybe I should do that. Always make lots of lists. In case you haven’t noticed I’m queen of lists and I use them for about … More Travel Tips

Writing the Pages

Hello everyone! Mary is a little too preoccupied at the moment making chicken nuggets for a few of us in her room so I will be blogging for all of you wonderful people tonight in her place! My name is Eric and I am one of her best friends! And yes, Mary approves of that … More Writing the Pages


Productivity is something I really struggle with because I really like to procrastinate. Trust me, that is always a bad idea. This week I have been much more productive than usual trying to get ahead rather than waiting until the last minute like I typically do. Productivity is very important in day to day life … More Productivity

Don’t Forget.

Don’t forget that someone cares. Don’t forget to call your mom. Don’t forget to do you laundry. Don’t forget to eat your veggies. Don’t forget to smile in pictures, enough of that smizing! Don’t forget your friends are there. Don’t forget to water your plants. Don’t forget to be on time. Don’t forget to have … More Don’t Forget.

An Ordinary Life?

I think one of my biggest fears is living a bland and ordinary life. I know that may seem weird because my blog is my “average” adventures but that doesn’t mean I want nor do I plan on living an average life. Firstly it’s important that you know how I define an average life which … More An Ordinary Life?

Being Strangers

I’ve shared my recent obsession with short films with you already and I watched this one today and I thought I would express my thoughts on the theme it brought up. The film explores “the inevitable parts of a relationship” while I disagree that every relationship ends in two people being strangers, it did make … More Being Strangers