Weekly Average Adventure Log: Week One


Week One

This week I arrived in Dublin, Ireland, while I’m here and maybe afterwards, I will be doing a Weekly Average Adventure Log, where my average adventures will be documented.


On Sunday I started my journey to Ireland. It was odd because to save money on the flight my family and I drove to New York, so I could fly to Philadelphia, which happens to only be an hour from my house.

This is actually one of the prettiest flights I’ve been on, it was so short the plane couldn’t get the whole way up in the air so the scenery was pretty the whole time.


Then I flew from Philadelphia, a very speckled picture of the overview of the city. I watched one movie, put on The Big Bang Theory and fell asleep.



Monday I arrived in Dublin. I wanted for a little bit in the airport in some of what I would call a very disorganized fashion. When I finally got to campus, we had less than an hour once we finished paperwork and everything to put stuff in our room and start a walking tour.

After the walking tour I got a quick lunch with some people in my program group.



Monday was short lived on pictures because I was exhausted. Tuesday was packed filled with more walking tours. Well one walking tour and then trying to find basic supplies needed.

We went to see a castle, just see it. It was very strange because it’s old and then it looks like a lego building.


On Wednesday we walked to Marsh’s Library where you couldn’t take any pictures, so I have this one from the outside.


Then we went on a bus tour, there was a lot of tours this week. I took this opportunity to see more of the city, and then finally get some hangers after my clothes had been hanging off the top of my wardrobe all week.

The city is huge, like I’ve been here twice before and I’ve only seen parts of the city. It’s a lot bigger than I had originally thought.

The view outside my room is amazing. Here it is at sunset, it’s simply gorgeous.



Thursday was filled with orientations and such.  Things that are supposed to be filled with information but really weren’t. There aren’t any pictures because the most I did was go to the grocery store.


In the morning we met up to go to Croke Park. It’s where they play Gaelic Football and Hurling, today was the biggest game so they were all getting ready for it.

Also pictured is the chandelier of different sports balls that can no longer be made and the fancy box seat table, the fancy parts of the sports arena essentially.

We got some really good views of the city too.

Then on the walk back I saw a sign for the Guinness Tour, which I actually don’t plan on doing because for someone like me, I think it’s a waste of money. It does seem cool though.


Friday was the annual Culture Night. We got lost trying to find the Chocolate Factory, but it’s definitely something I will be looking for again in the near future, in general the chocolate is much better here, even like the kind you just get at the store. I also don’t have any decent pictures from that night because I forgot my camera. I did get my bus pass, which will be nice and easy to use to get around the city.


Saturday was my birthday. My roommate and I went shopping in the morning. I saw a little flower stand, well actually a lot. I just think they’re so cute.


We then met up with some other girls in our group for dinner. It was a little more crowded in the city than expected so we couldn’t get into our first few options, but that was actually kind of lucky. I had the best pizza and garlic bread. The garlic bread, which I thought had mozzarella on it, turned out to be chunks of garlic, it wasn’t bad, just different.


So that was my week this week! What did you do? I had a lot of fun, however, the disorganization is getting to me. I am ready for a schedule and to get into the swing of school. Next weekend I’m going to the Cliffs of Moher and I’m so excited, I think it’s one of the prettiest places in the world.




Goodbye America

I am currently in the airport writing this on Microsoft word because there isn’t wifi so we will see if there’s an actual post that goes up in America.

It’s funny because I’ve had this post idea in my head for so long. Like “I can totally do a post in the airport as my last US post,” well I didn’t think about the lack of wifi and I also didn’t even think about what I would write.

It’s very odd because I feel like there’s all this build up, which is great. However, now I’m still waiting. This whole summer has been like a waiting game and it’s just weird that it’s about to end and everything is becoming real. I’ve waited so long, study abroad is something I’ve wanted to do since I knew it was a thing that people did and now that it’s here I’m just like in this state of unknown because I don’t know what’s going to happen. I don’t know if any of that makes sense, but right now, I just feel so weird and happy and excited.

The waiting game is finally ending. It’s weird because this was a huge goal on my list of New Year Goals, like the biggest one on there. It’s crazy. It’s finally here.

Airports are so weird. I can’t find a normal bag of chips! I just want like something super plain because I’ll get like a meal once I’m in Philly but no, all that I can find is like kale chips and things that aren’t written in English, and the airport is not the place to try new snacks because they are way too expensive. Get what you know and spend the money on that.

If you like to people watch, this is the place to be, however, don’t watch the same people constantly. The man at the table next to me has been staring for far too long and it’s no longer people watching it’s creepy. Like you know how you can feel someone staring? Well it’s beyond that because I can see him in my very poor peripheral vision.

I do like that I can see the people rushing. When it comes to travel, I’m not a rusher, I am a take my timer. I feel bad for them though, because that must be so tough and stressful. There are also very confused people and very happy people and very just average people. I hope I fall mostly into average. My goal in life is to never really stand out too much because then people want to pay attention and it makes me uncomfortable, like the guy staring at the table next to me.

I am here so early. My family laughed because I wanted to be super early. I have a promptness problem, I’ve explained it before. Basically I was four and a half hours early for my first flight then I have like a three hour layover in Philly and I leave at 9:10 for Dublin. The waiting game kind of continues until tomorrow morning at about 8:40 and it finally is over. I get to start my adventure.

Since writing this I have arrived in Philadelphia. The flight from NY to here was absolutely beautiful. Totally worth the inconvenience (for me at least) and made the money saved even more valuable. I’m now sitting in a power cube thing charging everything in case the flight doesn’t have USB chargers, sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t.

Irish updates to come soon.

Bye America.


Late Night Blogging with Mary: Part 12

In less than 24 hours I will be on a plane to Ireland. In like 10 hours we leave for NY so I can fly to Philly (okay airlines save me money by costing you, idk??) so I can fly to Dublin.

I made my last trip to Hood yesterday because it was Eric’s birthday so goodbyes were hard today, well for me at least. I had to say goodbye to one of my sisters today too, everyone is emotional.

This is short to update you. I am hoping that there’s a blog post tomorrow but that will all depend on airport wifi.

I’m so ready to get there. I’m so worried that something’s going to happen with my flight from NY to Philly so I’m going to miss my flight to Dublin. I know it’s ridiculous but I’m just nervous. It’ll be fine I’m sure but I just want to be on that flight to Dublin and feel calm.

So yes, I’m almost done talking about leaving to study abroad, don’t worry! Hopefully better blog posts to come soon!