Can you not?

“Can you not?” is a phrase that I use way too often, and I’m not even sure if it’s a common phrase, or if other people other than my friends and I even use, heck it’s not even proper english, but I use it all the time. Either way, I think this applies to today’s list. Yes, I know, a list a again, I’m sorry I still haven’t finished my lab report but my brain needs a science break really quickly. My friends and I use this when someone says or does something that bothers us, I shamefully admit that Katie is usually saying it to me, but I would say a 1/4 of the Lindsay or Jade are laughing at what I said or did, so it might be funny, who knows! Well this phrase has causally started appearing in my everyday vocabulary, to people like my sisters, and other friends that take those sorts of things seriously and get upset. Whoops. Anyway, so today, seeing that it is rant day, and I haven’t completed a proper Thursday rant post in a few weeks now, I’m going to write scenarios in which I would and do say “Can you not?”

  • When I have four tests and two papers due in the same week, to those professors, can you not?
  • When I’m trying to sit in church and the kid behind me won’t stop kicking the pew (this also applies to buses, trains, cars, airplanes, ect.), can you not?
  • To the drunk people who yell outside my window on night from Thursday until Saturday, can you not?
  • To those people who decide 3 am on a Tuesday night is an appropriate time to start honking the horn, can you not?
  • To the parents in restaurants, and various other public places, who let their kids run wild, scream, kick, cry, destroy the area, can you not?
  • To the girls who yell “OMG” or “YAASSSSSS” in an unironic way in real life, can you not?
  • To the boys who think it’s okay to treat a girl like crap just because she’s not as pretty as other girls, can your really not?
  • When I have my headphones in and someone thinks they can talk to me, can you not?
  • When people think it’s okay to bully on weight, gender, sexual orientation, or just in general, can you not?
  • To the people who think they’re geniuses but really they have no idea what they’re talking about, can you not?
  • To people who just think they’re better than everyone, can you not?

Okay so those are just a few of the situations, I would love to do more, however I have to finish this awful lab report, wish me luck please. Thanks for reading, and something exciting is coming really soon for you guys so just hang tight!





Love, Boys, and Other Gross Things

So if you guys haven’t read my other posts you may or may not know about my unfortunate luck with boys.

This past year I was perfectly fine single, pining after a cute boy a year younger than me, all of this rapidly changed when me and a guy that I have known for seven years and I started hanging out just the two of us. We went out ever weekend and he would always pay. Not only did he come over when I was sick (like throwing up) but we went out to dinner with his family and hung out with his sister and did puzzles. To me it was the perfect kind of relationship, for once in my life I had felt true happiness. Prom came around and I asked him to go with me, he said yes and wrote it out on my back yard in candles. I was truly surprised, and with his enthusiasm towards my prom I assumed he wasn’t going to his- we went to two different schools. One weekend we hadn’t made any plans and I asked him to hang out- he said that he was staying with a friend while his family was away for the weekend, so I decided to just hang out with friends and thought maybe we would do something Sunday, but I was going to see him later that week so it didn’t really matter. He didn’t have a phone so he couldn’t text, so we Facebook messaged. I checked to see if I had anything from him but to my surprise I had seen that he had gone to his prom with another girl. Needless to say I was heartbroken. We were never dating, but in the five months that we had spent countless hours with each other, calling at least once a week, typing paragraphs to each other, watching movies, and playing games, to me he had thrown it away.

After this I not only lost a guy that I truly cared for, but I had fallen for head over heels. In this time though he had become “my person” (Grey’s Anatomy reference). If anything major happened he was the first person I wanted to tell. When I made my decision on where I was going for college, he was the first person I told besides my family. On a bad day a smile face message from him, or a quick phone call would make it better. I thought he was the only person I could count on, the only person I wanted to dress up for, or look nice for. He was the only person that made me really happy. But just like everything good in my life he is gone and he left me here, shattered.

The point to this is that boys come and then they leave. You can’t count on them to always be there like I did. I don’t know if I was in love with him, I might’ve been. To be honest it’s hard to move on from someone who impacted me so much and I’m not fully recovered yet even though it’s been five months.  My advice is to be careful and never take your person for granted because they may just turn on you.

Finally the reason I decided to post this tonight was because I missed him. I wish he was here with me sometimes but other times I wish that I never have to see him again. I also wanted to share my story and let anyone out there who’s going through the same thing or has gone through it to not feel so alone. Leave a comment below with your story because I’d love to hear them :) Now since I’m single I have moved on to loving my lovely readers. Thanks so much guys! I love you all! If you leave a comment with the name of your blog, I will be more than happy to follow you back!



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Awkward Icebreakers, People I Avoid, and Roommates (so much to handle!)

So first things first, sorry about the double post yesterday, I realized that I was posting in the wrong blog so people couldn’t read as easily so now everything is on the right blog and I hope you guys enjoy it!

Moving on- awkward icebreakers. Now everyone has been playing these icebreakers since elementary (primary) school. We start with the stupid ones to try to learn names, circles upon circles of where are you from? what is your major of intent? and lastly what is your name? and this just gets to the point where I’m like ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, I’m tired of these games and questions lets just move on, but no. Today was only day two of my orientation process and we have already played so many games! I can’t handle it. Tonight we have real bingo rather than the fake shit with people that we played last night, so hopefully that will better than these dumb icebreakers.

Now for the people at least I try to avoid  are the ones who are super annoying. Like I hate those people who never shut up, they think everything they have to say is important and it’s not! Like nobody even cares! A girl in my group today said, Normal girl: “Oh yeah well me and my boyfriend have been dating for two years now.” Annoying a girl: “Oh. My boyfriend broke up with me after two months, I couldn’t believe it!” Like what the hell, that’s probably why he broke up with you, you’re so freaking irrelevant!  I also try to avoid the people who think they’re really smart, because usually they’re not and they just try to have competitions to see if they can beat you and I’m just like no. There are so many people I try to avoid, another group is the girls who try to flirt with every cute guy and they aren’t even pretty! Now go ahead and say your comments about how everyone is beautiful, but honestly, these girls would be pretty if they knew how to dress appropriately for their bodies. Like try and take care of yourself and then maybe boys will pay attention to you.

So my final topic is roommates. Now this one is fairly important because you will be spending a whole year with this person so you need to at least get along a little bit. My plan for my roommate is to get along, if there’s a problem I’ll address it. I’m going into this assuming we aren’t going to be best friends and that we will probably not room together next year.  I figure all we have to do is make it through the year and it’ll be good. If anyone has any roommate problems let me know and I’ll see if I can lend you any helpful advice!

Until tomorrow (hopefully) my lovely readers. Comment with any of  you icebreaker hatreds, the people you try to avoid, as well as any roommate situations! I love hearing about other people’s experiences so spread the word!