What To Do When You’re Anxious

Anxiety is something that can strike at anytime, here are my tips on ways to handle anxiety and what you should do when your anxious.

  • If you can, leave the situation that’s making you anxious. This won’t always be the case, sometimes you’re at work or school or whatever else, but if you can leave. Remove yourself from the situation.
  • Take a nap. Anxiety attacks are physically exhausting. Your body releases adrenaline, which after an extreme release that can make you just exhausted. take a nap, it’ll help you feel better.
  • Take a shower. It’s very easy to not take a shower when you don’t want to do anything, however, you will feel so much better once you wash all of the anxious feeling right down the drain. It also is one step closer to getting yourself and life together.
  • Make a to-do list. I know this won’t help everyone, it might make some people feel more organized. Personally, I can better evaluate my life when I make lists, it helps me feel better, and as I cross things off the list it makes the anxiety lessen with each check mark.
  • Go on a walk/run/jog or do some exercise of some sort. A lot of people find yoga really helpful. Personally, I am not an athletic person at all, but I do find it very therapeutic to sprint as far as I can just to get all of my anxious feelings out.

What do you do when you’re anxious? These are really just some of my best tips on what to do when your anxious!


“Girl Online” Review

Girl Online

With my leftover pounds in an airport in London, I decided to buy Girl Online by Zoe Sugg. Then I read it over the entire flight from London to Madrid. While I was anxious on the flight for some reason, I decided to distract myself by reading the whole entire book on the flight.

It was a book that as soon as I put it away, even for just a second, I wanted to pick it back up and finish it. I know there was this whole thing around when it first came out about it being ghost written, I don’t care. I don’t know why so many people care, Zoe had said since the beginning that she was getting help with it, so I don’t know why it was a surprise, I don’t understand why everyone made it to be this huge deal, but that’s besides the point. Whether it was ghost written or not, I thought it was a great book.

I’m a sucker for YA realistic fiction. I don’t like fantasy books so much, or even those super lovey, dovey books, I like to read books where it seems realistic within reason.

Penny- the main character of the book has anxiety and runs a blog, how relatable is that!? While she remains anonymous for the most part (I don’t want to give it away!) and I don’t, it was still something that I found to hit home with me.  While aspects of the story are not quite realistic, like for example meeting a super famous pop star, and not knowing he’s a super famous pop star (where can I find one?), the book is still very entertaining and quite the page turner. Penny’s family is highly likable, the mean girls at school are hardly mean girls besides the one, which is something that I found really interesting. At my school I didn’t think anyone was ever too mean, which is why I found it difficult sometimes to relate to movies and books that revolved around the idea of “Mean Girls”, this book however explores the idea that you’re friends with the mean girl. I never was, but I found that way more probable than the clique of them “ruling” the school.

I would say that overall Girl Online was an easy read, but I think that was intentional. It’s a book that Zoe intended girls of all ages to read. Her audience is nearly 10 million young girls, probably ranging from 8-28 if not even wider, it had to be something that everyone could get something out of. While the younger audience might not be able to relate to every single plot line yet, they can still read and enjoy the story, and the older audience can put themselves in Penny’s shoes, or maybe even a different character, and have an easy read.

I guess I would have to say that my favorite part of the book was how closely I identified with Penny.  For anyone with anxiety, read this book. It was amazing to see a book character who was going through similar things that I felt in high school but never knew how to describe. My senior year of high school, I left school so many times, went to the doctor several times, trying to figure why I felt so dizzy and shaky all the time, now that I better understand anxiety, I really think that’s what it was.

Any other opinions on the book? Overall I would definitely recommend it.


A Year in Review: 2015

It’s that time of year again. The time when I reflect back on my year, 2014 was a reflection, but I prefer the Year in Review of 2013, so that’s the title of this one. All in all, 2015 was a strange year, a good year, but a strange one. Looking back at it, it’s like I lived this life that wasn’t mine, I don’t know if that makes sense. For the most part my anxiety has greatly subsided and only surfaces at the most inconvenient of times, like parking lots, highways, riding bicycles through London, and when I have too much stuff to be done. My blogging hit a creative roadblock for a while and that was really hard for me to deal with, I just wanted to create great things and I couldn’t. Recently, I’ve been feeling better about that though and that helps a lot. 2015 brought the biggest adventure of my life yet, I lived in another country for three months, and that was probably the coolest thing I’ve ever done. If I had to describe 2015 in a phrase it would be: unexpectedly expected.


In January it seemed as if I was going through some self-evaluating. I had almost all classes for my major and minor and it lead to some major self reflection and evaluating. This was the semester that I went back to school and I felt content for the first time about that. Before there was always that bit of dread, but not that semester. Molly, Eric, Logan, and I all went on a little day trip to a bookstore in Harrisburg and to Chocolate World.


February is when the not blogging every day kicked in and I started to slack. I celebrated being single with two Galentines days I think I failed the 3-5 days a week. In order to try and combat this I started the 30 Day Blog Challenge. This is also when my blogging rut began. There were highs and lows of it throughout the year. However, because blogging had hit a rut, I was enjoying my life. This is also the last month that I would go home for the job that I hated so much.


At school March means spring break, which usually means a week of working, for me, it meant quitting my job. I had never quit a job before so it was this huge step for me in my life. I was kind of afraid, but also so glad that I did. I quit in order to go Florida with my friends for spring break, which was a great decision if you ask me. This was also the month where I honestly almost stopped blogging if I’m being honest. I hit a rut, I didn’t always enjoy blogging, I stopped doing the 30 Day Blog Challenge, I was at the peak of my creative roadblock. March was a month of highs and lows.  However, by the end of the month I felt that I was slowly climbing out of my rut and onto better. This was also the month I found out that I had been accepted to go to Dublin for the semester, it was official that I would be studying abroad in the fall.


To be honest. I don’t remember anything about April.  April is a weird month where nothing really happens. We had May Madness at my school and it was like 45 degrees outside. I don’t know why we had May Madness in April, I think it had something to do with finals week. Other than that, I feel like April is such a filler month. It’s project after project and paper after paper, other than that there’s not much to it.


May means the end of school. This year, I went home without a job and with fewer friends waiting for me than I was leaving, and it just felt weird. Normally I go home to a routine and this time I was going home to job application after job application. All of this time was good for me to start to get ready for studying abroad. I went on some hikes and just took some time for myself. At the end of the month, I was back working at my new job that I love.



I started LNBM in June which is the best and worst thing I’ve ever done for this blog. While it greatly feeds my laziness in the blogging department, it always seems to decently well with readers. I also continued my visits to Frederick to see Logan, Molly, and Eric. They also came to PA a few times, it was easier for me to go there just with schedules and everything. June was another month of severe bloggers block. However, this was the first time I didn’t keep it a secret. I was open and straight forward about it, which I think made it easier to write.


In July I went back to Florida, this time with my family. I got to accomplish a life dream, to stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and see the giraffes from my hotel window. I also got to experience the magic of the updated Harry Potter World, which was absolutely amazing. The bloggers block start to wear off a little bit and I felt like I was doing good in the blog world.  I always start to get a little restless in July. I’m ready for a set schedule and this summer I just never really got that. I like structure, and there was not a lot of structure in my life this past summer, which was probably a good experience.


August was a month of restlessness. I felt stagnate.  Everyone was getting ready to back to college and I was just waiting. Do you know that night before you leave before you go on vacation? That’s how August was for me. To me the world was paused, crawling until I made it until September when I could finally go to Dublin for the semester. I did go on my first solo trip to the beach which was the type of relaxation I really needed. I don’t like to wish away time, but at the time I was just wishing that August would just hurry up already. I celebrated my 21st birthday and going away with family and friends.  My friends slowly started returning to college and I continued to work, just waiting for the day that it was my turn to leave.


September started with two visits to Hood. I finished working, went down for Eric’s birthday and then the next day I was off for Dublin. This was the start of my greatest adventure. This was the part of the year that I was looking forward to the most. After all of the paperwork errors and thoughts crossing my mind that I would never be able to actually go, it was time for me to go. I left on September 13 and got to Dublin on the 14. Right away we had walking tours, bus tours, and just sightseeing things. I had my 21st birthday in a different country where it doesn’t really matter because the drinking age is 18 there, but still I turned 21, that’s a big birthday, or so they say. I visited the Cliffs of Moher and just explored Dublin.


October was when life started to get crazy. I went to Howth which is a small little suburb type place of Dublin. I went to Paris to meet up with my dad who was on business, how many 21 year-olds can say that? Then I went to Galway, another little seaside town for a night with my friends. I ended in October in London, England. That’s just absolutely crazy. I did so much in one month.


I feel like November was yesterday, it went by literally in the blink of an eye. I went to London (again) and Brighton. I also went to Madrid and Sevilla. I was away from Dublin for a whole week and then I made the decision to not travel again while I was away and enjoy my last four weeks in Dublin. This is the first time any of my pictures from Sevilla are being posted, the adventure post will come soon. My family came for Thanksgiving and I got to enjoy more time with them which was great. When I said at the beginning that looking back on this year it’s like looking at someone else’s memories, that’s what November is for me, it’s so surreal that it seems like someone else’s life.


December brought an end to my biggest adventure. I spent my last two and a half weeks in Dublin with final assignments and seeing as much of the city as possible, going to all of my favorite places and just taking everything in before I left. Then I headed home. It’s still weird being home. It’s been about two and a half weeks now and it’s still just weird. I’m not used to it yet. I’ve been trying to see all of my home friends and family before I head back to school in a little over a week. I went to Frederick for an interview


All in all, 2015 was great. It was just a whirlwind of a year. It was a year of new friends, new people, new experiences, and new places. The last fourth of 2015 could be described as the year of new, and I want to keep that going. 2015 was great, but I’m ready for some more change. I don’t like change, but I don’t know, I feel like 2016 is the year of change. Resolutions to come tomorrow!

Happy New Year Everyone!


Sunshine Blogger Award

A very long time ago I was nominated by Sharon Yvonne for the Sunshine Blogger Award, so thank you very much for nominating me, I’m sorry it’s taken me this long to get to it. I might have done this one before, but I’m going to do it again, because I have a lot of work to do so this is a good and quick post. Also, I leave in two weeks, like two weeks from today I’ll be in a plane on the way home, that’s crazy!

The Rules.

1.) Thank the person/people who nominated you.

Thanks again Sharon! I really appreciate it!

2.) Answer the questions from your nominators.

Down below!

3.) Nominate eleven other bloggers and give them eleven questions.

After the questions!!

  1. Why did you decide to blog?  I’m sure I’ve written about this before, but I just wanted to. I was going to college and I wanted to document my view of it without judgement of social media that family and friends would see, however, I put it on twitter right before Christmas the same year, and on Facebook either right before or right after the New Year. 
  2. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be and why? I wouldn’t be so anxious. I would be one of those people who took everything with a grain of salt and lived life freely without anxiety because I would spend more time enjoying myself and less time annoyed/frustrated at the world. 
  3. If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be and why? I would make all the terrible people feel love, love so that they don’t want to kill and terrorize the rest of the world. It makes me so sad to see that so many countries and groups are just fighting and fighting, I would change the world to make it stop. 
  4. When did you know that you were meant to do something creative with your life? I’ve always loved crafting, writing, I don’t remember a point where I thought I was meant to do it, I’ve just always felt like I needed to do it. 
  5. Are you still enjoying blogging? Do you still feel passionate about it? I still enjoy it, I would say it’s the only thing that I’m really passionate about. Obviously there are times when I get frustrated or annoyed with it, whether that’s my lack of ideas or WordPress issues or just not being able to do what I want, I still really enjoy and love blogging. 
  6. Have you had to give up anything to nurture your gifts? What was it and why? I’ve given up time with friends, family, and sleep, especially when I was blogging everyday. My time management skills aren’t great so there were times that I passed on going somewhere to blog, or times that I left, or times that I would go out that I would stay up to ridiculous hours of the morning to blog. It was however, worth it. I would say that if I ever were to daily blog again, I would utilize off days and schedule more posts and have work days rather than try to write everyday. 

I am actually going to nominate every blogger reading this with the following 11 questions:

  1. What did you do today?
  2. Where is the best place you have yet to travel and why?
  3. What is your favorite type of holiday cookie?
  4. Do you have a best blogging moment? Why?
  5. Are you a brand person or do you  not  care and just grab whatever you see first? This is for anything: toothpaste, makeup, etc.
  6. What is the best kind of weather in your opinion?
  7. Do you have a dream career?
  8. If you could pick one place in the US to live, where would you live?
  9. If you could pick any place in the world to live, where would you live?
  10. What is your favorite quote?
  11. Where is your dream vacation destination?

Please tag me or let me know if you choose to do this! I want to read some new blogs!


Late Night Blogging with Mary: Part 17

late night blogging with mary

So I only blogged twice this week and I feel like a failure. However, that’s besides the point. Well only kind of. I don’t know what it is with me and blogging lately. All I want to do is blog and improve but I can’t. I can’t write. The bloggers block will never leave me. Someone help.

I was just in London, it was super cool. I’m going back next weekend, which happened because I definitely wanted to spend more than 24 hours in the city and it just so happened that break was that more than 24 hours and it started the week after I was there. Also, after that, I get to go see Molly in Spain and I’m so excited. I haven’t seen Molly since June! I have also never been to Spain before so I’m really looking forward to that. There will be several guest posts next week because I refuse to count on wifi since it has cut out on me in so many places so many times before. They will be wonderful I am sure, so make sure you read them and follow the bloggers who write them!

Time is flying by while I’m away. It’s crazy. I have 47 days left as of 5 minutes ago, my family will be here within a few weeks which I am so excited about. It’s both good and bad that it’s going so fast. I plan on doing a whole post about this eventually. However, I do think that it has taught me that I need an easy way to get to the people I’m closest to. I have friends here, but I do miss my family and my friends back home a lot and it’s just too expensive to go home, so I need to be somewhere when I move out that it’s easier to get home for. Maybe not home, but to someone or something more familiar, if that makes sense. Like at college I can just go home whenever I want really since it’s just a two hour drive, I don’t need to be that close, but something like a four or five hour drive wouldn’t be bad, or even a train. Just something easier than a flight with a huge time difference.

I got super anxious for the first time in a long time yesterday. I had a very small panic attack and it just kind of sucked. I was by myself, which was probably for the best, but it just put me in a terrible mood. Once I collected myself I was fine, but I was just annoyed because I’ve been so good for so long and it’s those bad days that just get me. I don’t know if that makes sense, but I’ve been kind of hung up on it ever since and way more irritable because that’s what anxiety does to me unfortunately, it makes me mad. I need to do another anxiety post too, that would be good for me too probably.

Well now I have two post ideas in this blog post, so maybe that’s promise for next week, I sure hope so.  I slept for like 3-5 hours since we didn’t get a hotel last night so I think it’s time for me to go to bed.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for me to get over blogger’s block or if you have any things you want me to write!


Late Night Blogging with Mary: Part 15

late night blogging with mary

First and foremost I would like to point out that I haven’t done one of these in a week, so slow clap for me everyone. Also, I’m actually blogging not on the last three days of the week, so another win on my part.  But those two points bring me to my first problem of this LNBM, I’m in a blogging rut. I feel like I see so many people growing with their blogs or stopping. I feel like I peaked last year with my daily blog, seriously, I feel like this downward spiral with my blog and I think that’s because the way I am as a person.  I am one of those all or nothing people. If it’s not part of my routine I can’t do it. Well, I can, it just doesn’t flow as easily and I forget to do it.  I’m super frustrated with myself and that I just can’t seem to get out of this rut.

I am trying however, I think that if maybe I try to plan my blog posts out more I can provide more content, which is something that I like to do to better my writing skills, but I also have some type of structure to follow. Of course it can be mended because I don’t like to limit my creativity. I just want to strive to be a better blogger.

This week has been kind of stressful. I don’t want to get into all the stuff at the beginning of the week, but I’ve been kind of anxious and stressed about a lot. To top it off yesterday I lost my key, luckily I called the cafe I had class at yesterday and they had it so I got it today, very thankfully. I feel like Monday through Wednesday are busy and stressful and drag on forever, but then Thursday through Sunday go by in the blink of an eye. Time is such a weird concept.

Next weekend I’m going to Paris to see my dad since he will be there for work and I’m very excited. My problem is that I don’t get homesick, I just miss people a lot. However, with travelling and visits it will help that not be so bad. This weekend I think I’m going to a seaside town or something, definitely seeing more of Ireland.

I do really love it here, it’s so pretty. As much as  I get frustrated with the scheduling or feeling like I don’t have enough information, I do love the city. This is the first time I’ve ever lived in an actual city and it’s so convenient. Like I thought Frederick was nice and convenient, but really you need a car or need to know someone with a car. Here, the buses are great, but walking isn’t bad either. I really like it.

Goodnight world.


Time Management.


My time management has never been great. I don’t know why but I either have too much or too little, I never feel like, “wow that was perfect timing” because for me it never is. I spend so much time doing things that don’t need to be done for a month and so little time working on things that should be done. You think after nearly 21 years I would realize this and fix it, but I don’t.

For example, I’m currently house/dog sitting and I thought to myself “oh I should go back and let the dogs out before work,” while I was at home getting ready. Well somewhere in my mind I made up that I had to leave home at noon to be able to leave where I was house sitting by 2:30. That just doesn’t make sense but when I left my house at noon it made perfect sense. Now I’m sitting here while the dogs play with their toys thinking about how poor my time management is when I could have stayed home for another hour and cleaned my room or figured out where to put the rest of my dorm things.

To me this time management is more frustrating than anything else because it makes me so anxious. Time to me is the most valuable resource and I hate wasting it.  When I procrastinate, I’m usually not wasting time, I’m doing something I want to do over something I should be doing. However, time management is me just not understanding the value of time and math. For example, my college is almost exactly two hours away from my house, however, there are times where I figure that it will take me 3-4 hours to get there but only an hour to get home. It might come from my perpetual fear of being late, however, my earliness has been getting the better of me for quite sometime now. I’m always adding or subtracting too much time. I need to figure out promptness and how to achieve it.

Time management is my enemy, well really, time is my enemy. Why do we have time zones? Why do we participate in Daylight Savings? Why can’t I figure out how to manage the time I have? I just don’t understand. I feel like I need to start planning out every hour so I can make sure I don’t have any time that goes wasted. Does anyone have any time management tips?? I need them.

Sometimes I’m good at it, like being early isn’t a bad thing. However, it’s bad when I’m twiddling my thumbs for an hour because I’m too early.

Help me and my poor time management skills.




I was going to edit pictures but it’s 9pm and I haven’t edited them yet so it’s not going to happen today. But, in the past week I’ve been nominated for THREE awards, so thank you to those of you who nominated me. I thought I would do two of them that I was nominated by the same person tonight so that it was collective. Nominations will be at the bottom.

The Kind Blogger Award

kind blogger


I was nominated for The Kind Blogger Award by the creator of the award itself, the author of Getting Through Anxiety. I very much appreciate the award, so thank you.

It is asked that you have an image of the blog, continue with the nominations, and answer the following questions:

1.) Why is kindness and giving support so important? Kindness is important because why would you want to spread a bad message? Promote love and kindness rather than anger. Giving support is important because if you want people to know you love and care about them, you have to show support.

2.) What is your favorite thing about helping others? My favorite thing about helping others is seeing other people happy. Happiness is contagious and when you help someone their happiness grows.

3.) What do you think is the best movie for showing the importance of kindness? Oh goodness, this is tough. I don’t watch a lot of happy movies, maybe “Pay it Forward” even though it’s really sad.

4.) If you could give one inspirational message, what would it be? Life is better when you surround yourself with people who care, don’t waste your time on those who don’t. Be with people who want to see you thrive and not people who do everything in your power to make you feel small.

5.) Why did you start your blog and how long have you been blogging for? I started my blog almost two years ago (holy cow!) to blog about my literal average adventures with plans of documenting daily, very average things as well as vacations and such. It has kind of followed that plan, and also veered into it’s own category of blogging.

The Sandycademy Award

Again, I was nominated for this award by Getting Through Anxiety which is named for a blogger at Sandycademy. Here are the questions to order for this award:

1) What story have you shared on your blog that you feel was the most inspirational! Probably just sharing about my anxiety. This was the first place where I really talked about it, and I think it not only helped me to not feel alone but other people as well. 

2) What blog post have you found on here to be the most inspirational to you? I don’t know to be quite honest, if this is from Getting Through Anxiety, really all of the coping mechanisms help. On WordPress in general, I would say Lauren’s post about shaving her head. 

3) What is your favorite blog post you ever posted? This is harder than it should be, but off the top of my head I think my post about Traveling with Anxiety.

4) What is the nicest thing you did for someone? I honestly don’t know. I just try to do little things to be nice. I can’t think of anything huge I’ve done for anyone.

5) What gives you hope and happiness when you feel down? The fact that the feeling will be over. Sadness doesn’t last forever. 

6) What is your favorite song? Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift. Say what you want about her, I love it. 

7) What is your favorite movie? The Perks of Being a Wallflower. 

8) What is your favorite coping strategy? Knowing that everything will get better. 

9) What do you like most about yourself? My ability to listen and that I try to get people to see the best in themselves. 

10) Where do you see yourself in five years?  Hopefully with a job, maybe a serious boyfriend. And definitely a cat.

11) What is your favorite thing to do in summer? Work. Sounds super lame, but I hate too much downtime. 

12) Who is the most important person in your life? I wouldn’t say there is a most important person but I really value my family and friends. 

13) Who makes you happy most in life? Seeing what the world has to offer me and showing the world what I can offer it. 

For both of these awards I would like to nominate the following people:






If anyone else would like to do it, please let me know once you complete it!

Thanks again for the nominations!


Anxiety and Traveling.

travel and anxiety

Anxiety and traveling for some people aren’t a good mix. For some people who don’t suffer from general anxiety like myself, they can suffer from travel anxiety. The act of traveling alone can cause anxious feelings and can even result in panic attacks which can seriously make a vacation turn sour.

One of my biggest fears since I deal with anxiety is letting it ruin things I want to do, and one of the main things I want to do in life is travel. Because of this I do try to take my traveling as relaxed, simple, and as smooth as possible. So here are some tips so that you can do the same!

  1. Keep mental list of where all of your important documents are. If you’re going international be sure to keep your passport and boarding pass together, as well as any other documents you might be. For example in the fall when I get off the plane I’ll make sure to have my passport and entry note in my hand.
  2. Have a plan for the travels. If it’s a new airport, look up where your terminal is online. Know where you’re supposed to go and be. Have print out directions and use your phone or GPS to travel. It often helps if you have various sources to ensure you’re traveling to the right place.
  3. Have a plan for the arrival. If you have something to look forward to it can make the traveling process seem more worth it. If you have anxiety about being away from home, you can do a countdown of day until you get to leave, just don’t forget to enjoy your time away. If the journey makes you anxious looking forward to what the reward is can really help to relax your mind.
  4. Bring comforts. For some the unfamiliarity of traveling can cause anxiety, if you have something that comforts you and you have the ability to bring it along, do it. It’ll definitely make the journey easier.
  5. Know things can go wrong. I honestly go into everything expecting the worst. There are a lot of things that can go wrong when you travel, if you’re prepared for them it won’t make them seem as bad.
  6. Be early. I know this is like my life motto, if you aren’t early you’re late, but when it comes to travelling it’s true. I would rather sit in an airport for three hours and people watch than trying to rush through security and running to my terminal. Same goes for driving, you can’t always plan for traffic. Leave early. Always be early. Rushing can cause anxiety, so the less of it you can do the better.
  7. Plan ahead. When you set an agenda and plans months in advance you can start to prepare your mind for the travels. If you have your mind prepared you will be prepared and less anxious. This really helps for just keeping a sound mind.
  8. Be ready for panic attacks. Be ready to calm yourself down. If you can have exit strategies, if you can’t try to have someone with you who understands. If you can’t do that either, make sure if anyone notices they understand what is going on. The last thing you want is a lot of attention because it will only fuel the anxiety. If you’re on the plane take a little walk through the aisles so you feel less claustrophobic. If you are in a car, pull over. Know how to slow down the panic or stop it, or know techniques that work for other people. It really is the worse case scenario that this would happen, but it does, and helps if you are prepared.
  9. Create a happy place. Make a distraction from whatever is stressing you out. Try to focus on something that doesn’t fuel the anxiety. Make a happy place in your mind where you can go when you close your eyes.
  10. Take a break. When you feel anxious sometimes you need a break. You just need to take a step back and breathe. Walk away, refresh your mind, don’t forget to drink lots of water. Take care of yourself. If you have to remove yourself, do it. You know your limits, don’t forget them.

Don’t let anxiety ruin adventure and travel for you. There’s so much to see and do in the world, and if you don’t want to see it that’s okay, but if you do, don’t let anxiety take that away. I am so afraid of that, but it also helps me be aware. You can travel with anxiety, it doesn’t have to stop you, I refuse to let it stop me.


Late Night Blogging with Mary: Part 1


As my stats page drops more and more everyday and traffic driving posts aren’t coming to mind, I’ve decided to start a new series. Just late night thoughts and blogging with me, very accurately (this is not the word I wanted to use but I can literally not think of it) named “Late Night Blogging with Mary”. The title image is really big but I’ve worked on it for too long and I give up to be quite honest.

So for this series I’m just going to share my thoughts, like a stream of consciousness type of thing, or just like what I’m up to. I hope to incorporate friends when we have late night talks and thoughts with them and we could share too. You know, just see where it goes.

Tonight I’m thinking about essential oils and how to prevent anxiety when I’m abroad, which will definitely be a whole post. I know that my anxiety gets really bad when I’m uncomfortable. So I’m really trying to plan ahead because I know there will definitely be things that will make me uncomfortable when I’m gone, but I will never want to let that stop me from doing what I want to do in life. Yet that will be a whole post.

I’m also thinking about how I just dyed my hair partially purple and that I really like it. It comes out after like two or three washes. I think I’ll show pictures eventually or maybe next time I do it because I’m definitely going to do it again. I’ve always wanted to dye the tips of my hair a color and I finally did. It feels like refreshing, like out with the old, in with the new, even though it’s only temporary. Maybe one day I’ll do something more permanent…

Today my mom and I were talking about my birthday, because it’s her birthday today. But we were talking about mine because it’s a bigger one, I’m turning 21 in September, however, my birthday is five days after I get to Ireland, where it’s really not as big of a deal and I won’t have friends. So it’s different.

So I’m going on vacation next week and I haven’t said anything about it yet. That’s what I miss about daily blogging. Like I don’t know why I don’t share like things like that anymore, it’s just like a difference. I guess I feel like since I’m sharing less I should like do great quality posts but because of that it’s like whatever now, there’s a lot less character.

One last thing are there like American blogging networks? I follow Loz on Twitter and she and a few other are always tweeting like #nzbloggers (like New Zealand because that’s where she’s from, isn’t that cool??) but is there one for Americans? The blogging community is super interesting to me, but how do I get involved? Anyone know? Is this a thing or should I like start a hashtag or something? Anyone???

Another thing, like what is that saying I was looking for up at the top? If you know, please tell me.

What are we thinking about this new series? Yes? No? Maybe so?