Average Adventure: Sevilla, Spain

Well, this has been well over due. I went to Sevilla back in November to visit my friend Molly who was there for the semester. I would say that this is easily one of my favorite trips and most memorable trips that I made while I was away. I think it’s probably because I was going to visit one of my really good friends and it was the first time I was with someone who knew me really well for the first time in months, it was great.



There were orange trees everywhere. This was something that really puzzled me. They aren’t eaten. I don’t know why that bothered me so much, it just did. I just thought it would be so innovative if there was just food all over the city. I don’t know.




We did a lot of sightseeing on the Friday that I was there. We got there Thursday but our train form Madrid left super early and we were exhausted so we saw more of the city and then looked at more stuff the next day. This is the view from the top of a church. A church. I believe it was the Cathedral de Sevilla. It was a Catholic church too, which was cool for me. The top picture was taken in this area that had a lot of holes for me to trip in, which I tripped in most of them, but it was in the church. The church was absolutely massive.


This was the wall tile in a building somewhere, I thought it was pretty.






That evening we went to see the sunset on the top of the Metropol Parasol. It was absolutely amazing. It was one of those sunsets, or maybe even moments that you can’t even believe is real.




I believe this is the Plaza de España. This was an area of a lot of wedding pictures.  It was very pretty. I love this last picture of Molly and I because I’m like totally ready and already posing, but I have no idea what she’s doing haha.

One more post from my trip coming eventually!


Average Adventure: Washington D.C. (again)

Okay so here’s the thing I go to DC every now and then because it’s literally an hour from where I go to school and sometimes it’s kind of like, why not? Well today we were supposed to go to Annapolis but we changed our minds and decided to wander around aimlessly in DC.

Today there are only a few pictures, more so from not so touristy places because those pictures get boring really fast. So enjoy some more pictures of like historic and like scenery (I know scenic is the right word to use, I just don’t want to use it) pictures.

P1080069          P1080070

Okay so this is the same street. I have this weird obsession with city streets lined with trees. It’s kind of like how I feel about sailboats.

P1080072This is a sign for Logan Square, Logan was with me (as was Eric) so I had to take a picture of this sign of course.


I really liked this house. Afer looking at it a bit closer when walking by, I think it’s like a double house. I don’t know though. Probably very expensive, but very cool. I would live there.


Here is some more tree lined thingsssss. This is a side walk that’s treelined.

DC is way more than the museums and really cool government buildings. There are other things more than the touristy everyday things that you see every time you go. A lot of exploring and adventuring can be done outside of the everyday things. What’s your favorite thing to do in DC?


Average Adventure: Washington DC with Jade!

Yesterday I went to visit my friend Jade in DC. Getting there is always an adventure since I drive to the metro station,and then I had to transfer to go and meet her but I didn’t get lost at all! I would like to apologize because this is going to be a picture heavy post and I’m shying away from the way I typically post pictures (the square gallery thing) because I don’t want to do it that way. Also, a video should be posted tomorrow or Monday too!


This is the steepest escalator I have ever ridden.


Fun fact about me, I’m obsessed with towers on buildings. I just imagine sitting on a window seat reading a book whenever I see them.

P1060395 P1060396

We went to Nandos for lunch! Per usual I forgot to take a picture of my food before I started.

P1060400 P1060402

P1060405 P1060408 P1060409

DC has some of the most amazing architecture in my opinion. I just find buildings very interesting.


P1060419 P1060420 P1060421

Selfies in front of the White House. Well the back of the White House.

P1060423 P1060424


P1060430 P1060431

I’m pretty sure these are the only pictures of me without my glasses. My sunglasses are prescription so I hate switching between the two.

P1060432 P1060433 P1060435 P1060439


P1060448 P1060451

Everyone needs a picture of the Washington Monument and the Metro.

I’m not sure where my next adventure will be, but this little one was fun. It’s also nice to see people from home even when you’re away.

Have a great Saturday!


Making My Way Downtown

Today I decided to start you know getting healthy, and since it was a beautiful day I decided to take a walk along the creek that’s in the city I go to school in. There must’ve been something going on because there were so many people, however that didn’t really impact my fast walk at all.

I actually took some pictures to share with you guys, it’s like a mini adventure!

photo 1 - Copy - Copy - Copy

I started my  walk with some throwback to the Jonas Brothers, who doesn’t love them? If you say you don’t you’re probably lying.

photo 1 (10) - Copy - Copy - Copy

Just an old street in the city. All of the sidewalks are a mixture of brick and cement, it’s cool however it makes it easy to twist ankles and trip.

photo 4 (11) - Copy

I’m not sure why it’s like this, I mean I’m sure there’s a reason. I just think it’s really pretty. I followed this creek end to end, so it was a fairly long walk.

photo 5 (11)

The other side of whatever this is with a bell tower in the back, oo la la.

photo 2 (10) - Copy - Copy - Copy

This part of the city is really cool, these buildings are protected so they can’t be changed too much. It’s an old part mixed with a new part, so all of the new buildings are designed to look like those from the antebellum period.

photo 4 (10) - Copy

The bridges over the creek are each designed in a different fashion. This one is obviously decorated in ivy, however, it’s probably my least favorite.

photo 1 (12) - Copy - Copy - Copy

This is another old section of the city.

photo 2 (9) - Copy - Copy - Copy

Another bridge. This one I believe tells the time, however I did not examine it closely at all.

photo 4 (9) - Copy

This is the best picture I could get of the next bridge. This one is very modern suspension bridge. It’s really cool because each end splits into two sides of a walking bridge.

photo 5 (9) - Copy

This bridge is actually painted not really like this. It’s right out front of the art museum, which is also really cool.photo 2 (8) - Copy - Copy - Copy

Well this is kind of just an artsy picture I tried to take.

photo 3 (9) - Copy - Copy

Here is another bridge by the art museum, it’s made out of metal/steel/something. It has really cool intricate details in which sadly you can’t really see in the picture.

photo 3 (8) - Copy - Copy

This is an angel that looks like she coming out of the wall but really it’s just a painting and if you look at it front on it’s very wide. People find it creepy because no matter where you stand it looks like she’s coming towards you. It’s kind of one of those things you have to see in person to understand.

photo 4 (7) - Copy

This looks like a real door and people try to open which is dumb because it’s painted.

photo 5 (6) - Copy

This is an example of a new building that tried to make look older.

photo 5 (8) - Copy

I believe this is the art museum but I can’t remember. Whoops.

photo 2 (7) - Copy - Copy - Copy

This is how I brought my key with me so I didn’t have to bring my whole wallet with me. I also put my id card in my phone case. Just a little trick incase you don’t want to bring everything with you when you run out.

photo 4 - Copy

Don’t judge me I’m really into this One Direction song off of their new album. Check it out, it’s actually really good.

photo 5 (7)

Well I stopped as I was walking back to campus for my free coffee, trenta iced coffee with caramel. I also had a water bottle with me because it’s important to stay very hydrated. Especially when you drink things like coffee because they tend to dehydrate you.

photo 1 (8) - Copy - Copy - Copy

Pretty roadview.

photo 3 (7) - Copy - Copy

Stop light on East Patrick Street. One of my favorite streets in the city.

photo 1 (7) - Copy - Copy - Copy

Another road with old houses and brick sidewalks. Many of the houses are preserved as historical landmarks which shows a lot of history.

photo 2

I also enjoyed this song on my way back to campus, Mr. Right, by On Your Side.

photo 3 (6) - Copy - Copy

And finally here is an ugly selfie to show how upset I was about being sweaty. However, I feel really refreshed now and I might take a longer route back to campus after church tomorrow.

Okay so that was me trying to be healthier. I’m trying guys, really trying. Not only am I avoiding french fries and fighting off the urge to eat them everyday, I’m doing good. So here’s just a little update on my fitness life and such, mixed with a little adventure. I have to try and make it interesting otherwise I’m not going to be able to do it.

Leave me tips in the comments please!