I hate shopping/body insecurities/anxiety.

So today I went shopping, which should be fun, right? I’m a girl, I’m supposed to enjoy shopping. Well today it sucked. I have a very unfortunate family picture that needs to be taken Sunday and the color scheme is black and grey and I feel too fat to wear jeans but I don’t want to wear a dress and it’s turning into a thing and I’m annoyed about it. Well anyway this horrid shopping trip continued to get worse because as soon as I get the slightest bit worked up my anxiety starts to arise and I get uncomfortable and cranky. Like all of the sudden I was hot and I felt like my clothes were way to tight- and they weren’t, and I felt like I was about to cry and I did as soon as I was in the car. The worst part about getting all worked up like that is I can’t stop it now, like it’s four hours later and I’m still trying to calm down. I hate that as soon as I have one they come back in little spurts but the spurts are like, oh I can’t breathe, this sucks, or oh my body is shaking uncontrollably and I think I could rip my skin off. So sorry for the short post today but I can’t sit at the computer and think of words to write in a logical manner so this is kind of crappy today, sorry. Thanks for reading anyway!




January 8:  His grandnephew founded the government agency that became the FBI.


January 9:  What is the record high number of points scored by a losing team in a National Basketball Association game?