Beauty Standards

beauty standards

Something that drives me up the wall is beauty standards. If you take what beauty standards are and look at me, I doubt I meet any of the criteria for what is typically considered beautiful, but I do think that I am beautiful. I honestly, don’t care if that’s conceited or whatever, but I’m at a place where what I see in the mirror doesn’t bother me and I’m happy with myself (for the most part, no one’s perfect).


Why is it assumed that glasses make someone less attractive? Like in the movies they always take off the “nerdy” girl’s glasses, why? Why is there this idea that this beautiful girl is hiding under glasses? Why can’t she be beautiful or considered beautiful with the glasses? I love my glasses. I think men in glasses are really attractive. I think girls look professional, beautiful, and can rock glasses, so why are contacts constantly a question? For me, my glasses are part of who I am and I really like them on me, and I don’t think that should really bother anyone else. I get asked more than I ever would’ve thought if I would ever wear contacts, I tried it but with my astigmatism and lack of depth perception they just don’t work. I’m much more comfortable in my glasses so I’m just going to keep it that way.

Curly Hair.

I’m not talking about the perfect smooth curly hair here. Seriously, when was the last time you saw a movie with a girl with frizzy curly, out of control hair, who wasn’t being made fun of? It drives me crazy. This is such a tough subject for me because my hair is a huge source of anxiety for me and the frizziness makes me so uncomfortable sometimes. I went from having essentially pin straight hair, that wouldn’t even hold a curl, to this curly frizzy mess that no one in my family understands so it took me a long time to figure it out. I think a lot of this problem came from the media. I never saw anyone with hair like mine on TV that wasn’t being made fun of, so that’s what it made me feel like, like I would be made fun of.

Take “The Princess Diaries” for example, one of my favorite book series and movie, however, the hair really bothered me. Mia started out with this hair that was out of control, and actually a lot like mine, but she wasn’t considered beautiful until she got completely changed everything, but the hair was probably one of the biggest changes. Although I love those books and cherish them because they were a big part of my late middle school/ early high school years but I wish that Meg Cabot would’ve kept the crazy curls, let Princess Mia rock those unruly locks.


I feel like the biggest thing I’ve touched on beauty wise on my blog is fat/chub/curves. This is something that I feel like a lot of people can relate to. Now listen up here. If you eat, you can get chub if you’re like me and don’t exercise. It happens. If you don’t like it, work to get rid of it, but if you don’t mind it embrace it. Like it’s part of life. I understand that it would be nice if I had a flat stomach and good legs, and a perky butt, but I don’t and that’s okay. I’ll throw on my bikini and go to the beach anyway. Like the average size in America is what like 12? That’s not the size I see on tv and in movies.

In conclusion.

There are a lot of beauty standards that can make other people just feel bad. Embrace your flaws or lack there of. Beauty standards are ridiculous, make your own standards.




Beauty always seems to be a discussion, skinny-shaming, fat-shaming, whether or not a famous person has gained/lost too much weight, whether or not someone is even just pretty. My question is why does it matter?

There are days where I feel beautiful, and even the days where I feel fat and disgusting I tell myself I am because I wish I would have heard someone growing up saying they were pretty. Also if you say something enough you’ll start to believe it.

I don’t know why we have to comment on whether or not we think other people are ugly or pretty or whether we think they’re too fat or curvy or too thin or would look better if they did “x” or if they didn’t do “y”, it’s honestly no ones business but their own. Why do you think so many people struggle with body and self confidence issues? It’s not all internal, the internal factors come from outside factors.

It makes me sad to see everyone around me pick at the things they hate about themselves rather than embrace every great thing about them. I know I’m guilty of this as well but I hate that. I hate that we are assimilated into this culture where it is the normal thing not to like yourself. I hope that when I have kids they never push away their fat on their stomachs. I hope they don’t try and hide their flabby chin, I hope they embrace everything that’s great about them rather than only seeing everything that’s wrong with them.

Also, I don’t understand why there is so much negativity towards people when they try to embrace their imperfections and see themselves for who they really are. Sure, there are the immediate circles who are so supportive and are really happy for you, but then there are those people who are so judgemental who seem like they don’t really want happiness for others, they can only be happy if others are suffering and as soon as someone is confident in themselves they start to lose control of the situation. These can be people you know once you start to love yourself, or even strangers.

I see this with people talking about Meghan Trainor. I don’t know much about her, but apparently her song trying to give curvy girls a little more confidence was too upsetting to the girls that every song has catered to previously. Her audience is just different, and the line where she says “skinny bitches” she makes the remark that they are just as perfect as everyone else. Again, other than this one song, I don’t know much about her other than that song makes me happy and feel a little bit better about myself and I shouldn’t have to feel bad about that.

So stop judging every person around you, let them be them. You don’t need to be the person that makes them question their beauty. Let people feel beautiful. Encourage them, don’t discourage them. People are hard enough on themselves, they don’t need everyone else making them feel worse. Also try to say one nice thing about yourself everyday, it will help your self confidence and help you to feel better and see yourself as the beautiful person you really are.


Pretty Places

Pretty Places

So here’s just a little blurb about another pretty place I’ve visited. Over summer 2012 I went to Europe with a group of high school students. In my previous Pretty Places post I did a quick paragraph or two on the beauty of London, this one is covering just a bit of Normandy. For those of you have never been to Normandy, it is one of the prettiest places on earth, yet one of most depressing as well. The water is such a clear blue, the cliffs (the only way I can think to describe the landforms), and the wild flowers can leave just about anyone speechless and astounded by the sheer beauty of it all. I have a few other pictures that I’ll probably post at some point. This one is just one of my favorites. It’s hard to imagine something bad happening at such a beautiful place. This picture in particular does not display any sort of war-torn area, no battle fields, no death, just beauty, and that’s one of the most suprising pieces of Normandy. No one expects a place of sorrow to be so beautiful.

Pretty Places

Pretty Places

Here is the first of many pictures from places I have traveled. Traveling is something I just love to do and I have loads of pictures from them. Two summers ago I went to Europe where I met my friend Lindsay (her blog is Musings of Lindsay), and this past summer I went to Ireland and Washington. This picture is from my time in London, it is the iconic Big Ben, and a simple picture does not do it justice. So sorry this little post veers from my typical long drawn out rant or little update, but I thought this might be something fun to look at. Hopefully my junior year I can study abroad and see these beautiful places everyday. I can’t wait to a future of traveling after graduation. It’s really my biggest dream (as you may know if you read my bucket list) and I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life. So this is just a random little thing for you guys to look at. Thanks for reading!