Late Night Blogging with Mary: Part 26

late night blogging with mary

I’m back at school and trying to get back to blogging. I’ve just had the year of bloggers block which I think might lead to a year of daily blogging but we’ll see. However, right now I’ve just been in my head.

I don’t know if it’s my anxiety, fear of the future, or just simply how my brain works sometimes but I’m just stuck some days. Like here is the thing, I’m a senior in college now and nine out of ten days I just don’t feel prepared I suppose. Like I will be done my major in the fall, and then I have to decide whether or not I want to do the concentration (one more class). That’s it. 29 credits stand between me and the diploma I’ve been craving for the past eight years. Yet, that’s it. Like it was all this build up and anticipation to this year and I’m just very underwhelmed.

Another thing, I’m like super back into like videos. I go through phases with this stuff. Like right now I definitely want to get into artsy vlogs. Like I don’t really want to do those follow me around types, but more of a from my eye point of view type of things. I really just like editing and how you can put together this vision that you have in your head and I want to do more of that and I would like to consider that an option for my future, however, that would be very, very hard.

I’m also going to go through a major rebrand this summer. Or so I say. My whole life my internet presence since the fifth grade from Neopets to email, I’ve been mrmilligan13. However, that does make me look like Mr. Milligan. I will be running a twitter pole within the next couple of weeks, so make sure you’re following me for updates and if you would like to vote in what my rebrand should be. Also let me know if you have any ideas because I have zero. The only reason that I think I might want to keep it is because men are statistically more successful than women, do I join the bad side? No. Because women should be equal and I shouldn’t have to hide behind a “mr” in all of my usernames to be successful. So I’m rebranding.

Finally, I just think everyone should know that I watched Girl Meets World from 2-3 am before bed last(?) night (morning?) and sobbed hysterically because I have missed my opportunity for a Corey Matthews. Then for this season they recreated one of the sequences from the theme song of Boy Meets World and I just cried. I’m emotional.

Happy LNBM, I’ll ┬ábe around more hopefully!



30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 11

blog challenge day 11

I’m big into TV, like I could talk about almost any TV show and I love to do that. Like I feel about TV how film buffs feel about movies. I love sitcoms and dramas and crime shows, so it’s really hard for me to pick a favorite.

Currently I’m really enjoying “House” however, it gets really gross so I wouldn’t say it’s even close to being my favorite.

I love “Parks and Rec” and I had to stop watching this season because I know that it was ending and that really upset me so I need to finish, but I just don’t want to. That’s definitely one of my favorite shows. Leslie Knope- although a little out there- really inspires me to be a better person and embrace who I am as a female. She’s a great role model for any girl just because she is powerful.

I also really like “Grey’s Anatomy” like it’s perfect except when they kill all of the good characters. It’s not okay to kill everyone I actually like. While this show is very dramatic Meredith can be a bit of a cry baby but I still love her. Christina is the best character and I aspire to be here minus being a surgeon and minus her choice to be sexually promiscuous- there’s nothing wrong with being that way, it’s just not how I want to be.

You can’t go wrong with “The Office” either. While the jokes can be offensive and crude, I usually can’t stop laughing. I would say to enjoy it you have to have that drier sense of humor though otherwise it’s not going to be enjoyable.

I guess the last one I’ll throw in here is “Boy Meets World” they have such interesting life lessons in every episode with laughs and love. I honestly want to find my Cory. Although he wasn’t always the best boyfriend he always loved Topanga and I think that’s just really beautiful.

What are some of your favorite shows?