Dating Diaries: The End?

I started a series in the mindset that I would be trying online dating, hopeful, but not expectant of anything. Well shortly after, I fell for someone and I wanted to keep it to myself, it was new, I don’t fall often but when I do I fall hard. I felt giddy like a school girl. I’m sure you can assume it ended. It ended for exactly the reason I wrote about in my second dating diaries post, plus he didn’t know what he wanted.

I did what I normally do when a guy ends things (or pretty much makes me do it) I hop on an online dating site. I made it about four days this time around when I realized how hurt I actually was. I was at work and honestly had a little bit of a melt down. Was it fair for me to talk to boys that were nice to me when I was so unemotionally available? Was it fair for me to make fun of them to their faces unbeknownst to them? No, none of that was fair. So I deactivated my accounts. I said goodbye to two: two that I was supposed to go on dates with this weekend. That’s what did it. Two dates in one weekend, there was no way I would get through one let alone two, so I said goodbye, wished them well.

So why is this the end of dating diaries? Well, it’s not really, it’s just how I’m not dating anymore. When I’m ready I’ll come back; when I’m ready I’ll spill all the juicy gossip of how gross guys are on dating apps.

I think this little mini-heartbreak has taught me a lot. It’s taught me that I know what I want, and I shouldn’t settle for someone who doesn’t. It’s taught me that if someone else is afraid of where it’s going I should be as well. It’s taught me that I can be alone and be okay. It’s also taught me that I shouldn’t let my friends set me up with people because parties from now on might be a little awkward.

Now, I’m going to take myself, pour all of the love I have into hobbies and side hustles. My rebrand will be done before I go to Ohio, and everything will be ready for BloggyCon (anyone else going?!). It’s time for me to focus on me and everything I want out of my own life before I try mixing someone else’s in. So for now, I’m saying goodbye to dating diaries, and hello to something else, who knows what!

When’s the last time your heart was broken? Was it full-blown or just a little tear?


Relationships and New Ideas

So, let’s start with life. I mean how’s it going for all of you guys? Everything okay? Need any advice? Because I am here if you need anything at all! Now onto relationships…

Now I don’t know if I’ve really given any relationship advice on this blog yet, I know I have on some of my more failed attempts so if have sorry here’s some more. College is a time for new relationships to begin as you reinvent yourself and meet new people. Personally I don’t know if I had a boyfriend at the time if we would still be together coming into college just because there are a lot of cute boys here and I like to put myself out there, but everyone is different. My roommate for example came to school while in a long tem relationship, however about two weeks into the semester she decided that she wanted to be in an open relationship, so that’s what they’re doing now. I know personally I wouldn’t like that, I either want to be in a committed relationship or completely singe because I’ve been with a guy who screwed me over (see rant one I believe) and I couldn’t be in that kind of relationship again to be one hundred percent honest. So now I’m just looking and it’s nice. And if you are leaving for school within the next year and you are in a relationship and if as a couple you decide to break up, keep in mind that if you are meant to be that it will work out and you will end up back together.

So now onto a little bit for me. Now I know that I don’t have a super strong following base on here, but I would like to ask you guys if you would watch weekly vlogs on YouTube more about my life and then maybe a daily vlog once or twice a week so you know more about me. So to the few of you who read this would you watch those? I’m begging you to please comment! I really want to try this but only if you guys are watching. LET ME KNOW. I seriously appreciate all of you readers so much. You guys are great.