Packing to Study Abroad.

study abroad prep

Amongst all of my research on what to bring- I didn’t think much about how to get it there. So far I’ve been throwing some winter clothes into my suitcase after coming across them during cleaning my room, dresser, and closet. The hardest part has definitely been trying to brainstorm creative ways to make several outfits out of what is light and easy to pack for a whole three months.

For me this is way harder than packing for college. Like when I go off every fall I have nearly two tubs, like the plastic tubs that people put Christmas decorations in, just filled with clothes. This semester will be a bit of a wake up call for me.

The best part about it so far is I’ve realized how ridiculous I am when I go to Hood every fall. Like I literally pack everything and half the stuff sits in my closet for the majority of the semester. I’m also asking myself a lot of questions like, can I wear this shirt with everything I’m bringing? If the answer is yes or more than half it worthy enough to be packed.

The only thing I really need is a dressy shirt, and I just can’t find what I’m picturing which is really nothing. I don’t know what I’m looking for when it comes to that. It might just have to be a purchase I make there because I have no clue what I want. The other thing I’m trying desperately to find is a rain jacket that doesn’t look like a rain jacket. I don’t want something super shiney and bright, so I can wear it on regular days and not stick out like a sore thumb. However, I still have a little over a month until I go so I have time to figure out what I still need.

To me one of the weirdest things about packing up and getting ready to go is that I’m actually going. For so long this has just been something that I’ve said to people when they ask questions about next semester when it comes to roommates or classes or where I’m living, but it hasn’t really set in as a reality yet. Even when I put it on my bucket list for the year, I don’t think the full reality had hit that I would be residing in another country for three months. I mean, it still hasn’t set in. With my love for travel this was always really something I never really had to think about like mindset wise, it’s how my brain works, for me this is a very logical decision, I just didn’t really realize the intensity of the decision. I feel like that makes it sound like I’m thinking I made a bad decision, which I definitely do not think. I honestly just didn’t think about what it meant to live in another country and to be quite honest, I am so very excited for this experience.

If anyone else has study abroad or plans on studying abroad, let me know your tips in the comments please! Also, if you know if you can waterproof a jacket, let me know.


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Travel Bucket List Part Two.

First and foremost I would like to apologize for the fact that there was no post last night, I volunteered to work until 3 am so I got home and basically passed out. So to make up for it, instead of writing two posts that are missing quality, I’m just going to do a second post here.

Secondly, I would like to announce the winner of my hundred followers giveaway, congrats to Jona and thank you for following! There were only two entries, so I’m going to wait for a few more hundred to do another. My apologies to One Curvy blogger, hopefully next time! I used a random number generator to pick the winner so it was unbiased and such.

So now onto the actual post…

As some of you may know a few weeks back I did a travel bucket list, filled with places within the US and overseas, I decided that for my longer post today would be filled with more of those places since it takes a good amount of time as well. So without further ado here it goes…

Sydney, Australia just looks amazing. I know a lot of people started their yearning for Sydney adventure after “Finding Nemo” however, I don’t know when mine started. Certainly not after that since I’m not a fan of that movie, nor any that have talking animals. I still really want to go because it just seems beautiful and it would be a cool place to go on an Australian/ New Zealand  adventure. (

So that leads me into my next place, New Zealand. I just want to a general adventure out that way. However, I am extremely nervous about a plane ride that far, but I’m sure I will accomplish it someday. (

Hint, hint mom and dad I want to go back. Bar Harbor, Maine everyone. It’s so pretty and quaint, it’s one of those places where you just feel comfortable automatically.

India, once I know how to better manage my anxiety I’m going to hopefully go to do some volunteer work.  I would really like to work in an orphanage and maybe adopt baby from there, but I don’t know what I’m doing with my life today let alone ten years, maybe I won’t want kids! I don’t know! (

Adding to London from Part One I would also like to got to Brighton, England. Whenever I see pictures or hear/read about people who live there or who have visited I just think about how amazing it sounds. (

San Diego, California. I’ve been here before but if I’m not mistaken I think we only went to an old town that was really cool, Sea World (which after watching Blackfish, can’t say I would go again), and maybe the zoo, but I’m not sure. Anyway, I would really like to go back and explore the city. (

Chicago, Illinois is another city I want to go to. I don’t know why to be honest, I think I just have a love for all cities and I just want to experience them all. I remember my mom talked about going once, but I told her about how I read that it was the sex trafficking capital of the country, and I think that changed her mind. Maybe not, maybe we’ll go sometime, who knows. (

Okay so that’s it for this Travel Bucket List, to be honest there will probably be another one eventually. I can’t wait until the day where I can start sharing my own pictures and experiences of these places with you guys. It will happen one day, I’m not going to give up on this dream. Thanks for reading!



Travel Bucket List Part One.

I’m having lots of computer trouble today and it’s super frustrating but I’m pressing on and I’m going to keep trying, please pray for me to stay calm. I’ve obviously expressed my interesting in traveling several times, places I’ve been, and places I want to go, but I’ve never done a formal bucket list type thing for this. I’m going to give my friend Katie some credit on this because her other ideas for me today just kind of sparked it, so yeah. Also I’m going to try and link all of the pictures I use because I know I’m not usually very good at this.  So basically I realized there are way too many places I want to go so this is only going to be part one of many.

The Vatican City is somewhere I’ve wanted to go since my grandmom went when I was younger. As a Catholic it’s pretty customary to go, but I would just love to bring Rosary beads and have them blessed by the Pope. I think it would be so cool. (

I want to go back to London and England in general so badly. I want to be able to see more and just explore more in general. Like the only place I have found just as beautiful is Ireland and that’s a different kind of beautiful and they can’t be compared. I just want to go so badly. (×360-skyline_westminster_large.jpg)

This is going to sound super lame of why I want to go to Greece, but ever since I saw “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” I have wanted to go to Greece. Like it just looks so pretty and I think it would be an awesome place to explore. (,H759,X0,Y0/S=W394,H380/

Kind of going along with the movie theme, I have wanted to go to Rome ever since I saw “The Lizzie McGuire Movie.” I was and kind of still am a huge Hilary Duff fan. It also just seems really surreal and I want to go and see it badly. (×430/o_r/rome_cnt_24nov09_iStock_.jpg)

I want to go exploring the nature (yes, I did say nature) in South Africa. Every time I see pictures of the nature and mountains there I want to go exploring. Also I really want to go on a safari and I heard you can do that there. Plus it’s like one of the safest countries in Africa so yeah. (

Okay so here’s something a little closer to home, Charleston, South Carolina.  My parents have gone a few times I think and my sisters have been there, so it’s only fitting that I should get to go too. It just seems really pretty and a chill place to visit. (

Well I’m not sure if you can call this part of my bucket list because I’ve been there and I’m going in a little over a month. This is going to be AMAZING! I’m going to visit my best friend Lindsay and we’re going to have so much fun! I’m going to make her explore the docks, the city, and everything. I love exploring.  (

Okay well this is it because I have my freaking Saturday environmental seminar thing tomorrow so I have to go to bed now. Something cool tomorrow hopefully, maybe part two since Saturday is adventure day. Anywho, thanks for reading guys!



Pretty Places

Pretty Places

Here is the first of many pictures from places I have traveled. Traveling is something I just love to do and I have loads of pictures from them. Two summers ago I went to Europe where I met my friend Lindsay (her blog is Musings of Lindsay), and this past summer I went to Ireland and Washington. This picture is from my time in London, it is the iconic Big Ben, and a simple picture does not do it justice. So sorry this little post veers from my typical long drawn out rant or little update, but I thought this might be something fun to look at. Hopefully my junior year I can study abroad and see these beautiful places everyday. I can’t wait to a future of traveling after graduation. It’s really my biggest dream (as you may know if you read my bucket list) and I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life. So this is just a random little thing for you guys to look at. Thanks for reading!


So guys enough with the downside to life, let’s talk about something fun rather than a serious topic. I am so thrilled that you guys have been following me, and that I have passed 20 followers! I never honestly believed I’d have more than one (myself). I really started this so that people would laugh at it, seeing it in passing, but mostly it was just to get my feelings out.  I never thought that a month and a half into this I would have over twenty followers- which doesn’t sound like much but to me it means the world to me. To me this means that over twenty people somewhere in the world actually care about what I have to say. So enough with the sappy stuff and onto something FUN! Well fun for me at least I don’t know if you guys will enjoy it or not.

So the last time I did one of these “tag” posts I did 50+ facts about me. So today I’m going to do my “bucket” list.

1.  I want to be in at least two countries in every continent, I even want to go to Antarctica.

2.  I plan on going traveling with my friends every summer for the rest of our lives, and that’s something that we’ve already started.

3.  I want to go to India, and other various places in the Middle East to teach women and young girls English.

4.  I would also like to work in an orphanage over seas so that they can have better lives than they would have without an English speaking contact.

5.  I want to go to the Vatican City and go to a mass given by the Pope.

6.  I want to meet Louise (Sprinkle of Glitter) to let her know what a powerful influence she has been on my life and how much she has changed it.

7.  I want see the Seven Wonders of the World.

8.  I want to live in London for at least a year.

9.  I want to study abroad for at least one semester of my junior year, probably in London but possibly Dublin because I love both cities so much. A big factor in choosing Dublin would be that I basically already know how to navigate the city, but London has so much culture and history that I love.

10.  I never want to end up in my hometown for more than a week or two just visiting my family.

11.  I want to visit every state, and I’ve probably have already done if not half close to that already.

12.  I don’t want to give birth but if I ever want to have kids I want to adopt them from all different countries.

13.  I hope to make a living doing something I genuinely love rather than some desk job I’ll never be happy with.

14.  I want to change a life.

15.  I hope that I can encourage people to do good in the world rather than bad.

16.  I want to change someone’s opinion on something I care about passionately.

17.  I want to go backpacking with my best friend.

18.  I want to get a lamb so when people ask me about my lamb I can show them.

19.  If I ever have kids I want them to teach them to call one of my best friends Voldemort.

20.  I want to write a book.

21.  I want to fall in love to see how it feels.

22.  I want a little girl to write me a letter and tell me about how I’m her role model, or at least be a person that a little girl could look up to.

So this give you guys a little more incent to me, I hope it put a smile on your face! Feel free to comment with your own bucket lists! I’d love to hear them and talk to you guys about them. Also go ahead and follow me on twitter! @mrmilligan13. Let me know how you found me and I’ll follow you back! Thanks so much for all of your support, I love you guys so much!