Late Night Blogging with Mary: Part 23

late night blogging with mary

It is late, I am tired, and I am writing this to further put off homework. I’m just not in the mood. I don’t have huge assignments due so I just really don’t want to do anything this week. However, that is not how college works and that just means I have more work to do for the next week so it can finally be spring break.

I’m not doing anything particularly interesting for spring break this year, I might go to NYC for a day, I hope I’m going to paint some pottery. I’m not sure what else really.  I’m just very excited to have a week off and not really have to worry about anything.

Newspaper elections are this week and I’m running for Editor-in-Chief, how cool/awesome/nerve-wracking is that?? I’m also officially done with my 8:25 class and that also means that I’m down to three classes a day. Thank God for half semester classes! There’s not much else going on in the school world. Everything is exhausting and boring and time consuming otherwise which is both very good and fairly  bad. I’m glad I didn’t go mad last week with the amount of homework I had to do. This week is catch up/get ahead week. Fingers crossed it goes well.

Who’s on spring break already? Who should I be jealous of most this week is what the questions should read. Hope you had a great weekend! Hopefully this won’t be the only post this week. I do have to catch up on my crafting blog though, so we’ll see. Leave suggestions of what you would like to read because my ideas have been dwindling again.



Update Day

These seem to be the only days lately that I can get right, updates. So this week was a rough one. I know I told you guys last week that I was struggling with my anxiety through the night into Sunday and then all day, well that didn’t stop. That went on until Thursday and it finally started calming down Friday, and I only had one yesterday, so I thought things were looking up until I got back tonight and started having them again. It really made my week long and I spent most of my time crying and wanting to sleep, but I couldn’t. I don’t know why they keep happening, but it’s hard to do anything when I feel this shitty.  It was about mid week when I decided that I was going to go home after my Saturday seminar just because I needed to be with people who knew how to deal with me. Some other things that happened…. Well we had a delay on Tuesday which pushed my bio test back to Thursday, but then on Thursday the proctor never showed up, most people left after fifteen minutes because that’s the rule, I stayed for a half an hour because I’m a paranoid person. Anywho, I actually went out with a group of girls on Friday and had fun! We went to Bone Fish for dinner, it was okay. I mean I’m not the biggest seafood person so it was hard for me to find something I liked, but it was actually really fun. I went with some girls who live in my hall and it was nice to hang out with new people who thought I was funny. I don’t think too much else happened this week. If any of you struggle with anxiety, I’m sure you understand how hard it is to do any more than necessary to go out, so even meals were often spent in my room. This is so hard for me because I’m not trying to be antisocial, and people don’t understand that, if I could eat dinner with them, I would, if I could go to their rooms and watch movies, I would. I wish people could understand that.  It took me almost all night to do things like homework because it’s hard to work through it. Like even my blog posts are taking me longer to do, it’s hard to work through it. So yeah, it’s been a long week.

Anyway, this coming week is basically going to be week of hell. I’m swearing a lot in this post sorry. I have four exams, a paper, and a lab packet due. I have no tests tomorrow, but lots of studying to do, I’m thinking my bio exam will Tuesday, but the professor hasn’t emailed us yet or anything yet, for sure I have a sociology test and I have no idea what to expect for that, and then Wednesday I have my Arabic exam which will basically be torture, and studying for that begins as soon I as hit publish on this, I also I have to hand in my final draft paper in Model UN and I did awful on my first draft so I’m not looking forward to that, Thursday comes with an Environmental Problems test and a confused professor so that should be interesting, and then FINALLY Friday I have to hand in a lab packet. Literally this week is going to be so long and I don’t have time for this anxiety so it better chill out. After lab on Friday I’m actually going home again, but this has been planned for a while. Lindsay’s home for different reasons so I’m getting coffee with her and hopefully Katie too on Saturday. I don’t think I really have anything else going on this week, so I guess that’s going to be it for this post.



School Work and Thoughts on the Future.


To be honest I hate doing school work, but I guess who does? The problem is for me that I do anything to avoid it, I’ll watch YouTube videos, read blogs, check my blog, write  posts, edit videos, basically anything but homework. I hate the fact that I’m learning things I could care less about. I want to learn exciting things, however to do that I need to be more interested in something, and I don’t know what that something is. I love history but what do history majors do? Teach, no thank you. I like writing, and I’m sorry if this offends anyone, but the journalism/ communication majors drive me insane and it’s hard to take classes with them. They think they know everything and I can’t stand people like that and I can’t see myself in an industry of people like that. So that leaves me with gen eds this semester, two sciences, sociology- which I don’t think is even a gen ed, I was considering double majoring in social work and political science, so my adviser recommended that but that’s not what I’m doing so it’s a waste of credits, yay, a language requirement- Arabic 102 which is the only thing keeping me away from my maybe major of Global Studies because I don’t think I can do two more semesters of that or place into a high enough Spanish so yeah, I don’t know what I’m doing, and finally Model UN which is way too much work for a one credit class if you ask me.

I hate the fact that when I get out of class around 3:30 everyday that I have to come back to my room, take a twenty minute break if I’m lucky and spend the rest of my night trying to do homework that I could care less about. I hate the fact that I have to try and decide what I’m going to spend the rest of my life doing by next year. This is all very stressful. I never thought in high school that I would be in college so unsure of what I was going to do. I guess I thought that it would just come to me, I don’t know why I thought that, I just thought it would. I know there are no short cuts to anywhere worth going, so I’m just going to take this journey where it leads me, and hopefully it’s not too bad. 

Well this post got a little bit more in depth than I thought it would, hopefully that’s okay though. 



Another Rant (sorry!)

You must be thinking “another rant, this is stupid, why did I follow this crazy girl’s blog?” I apologize once again! I just need to get some stuff out.

First and foremost I should be working on a paper right now but I have no idea how to write it. Why you ask? Because the teacher should have set up a prerequisite for the course but didn’t so half the class doesn’t know how to write in the proper format.  So therefore I am avoiding it. Even though it’s due tomorrow. And it has to be three pages. And I’m only on page two.

Secondly let me just rant about this boy probably not very quickly. So there’s this guy I thought I had a thing with in the spring, we almost went to the same school, thank goodness we didn’t! Anyway after he lied a lot of stuff happened and I basically told him if we had anything it was over. Now normally after a relationship goes bad I turn into a bitch because I know that’s the best way to get over it, but I knew with him he would just kill me with kindness, so I decided to make that my plan. So you know we keep in touch and stuff but he loves to do this thing where he’ll send me anywhere from a paragraph to ten about his life and asking about mine. So he went off the radar for about a month when he was in Spain because he “didn’t have wifi” and then he finally responded about school and stuff. Then two days later I reply since he made me wait a month and he didn’t reply for three weeks, but not to worry he put me in his planner to call. Like I’m glad I ended things with him but every time he does this it brings the hurt back and kills me all over again.

Finally last rant I HATE HOMEWORK.

That’s it! Thanks for reading comment with your rants please! I love them they are always hilarious!