Hello Summer and Advice for Freshman Year

Hello everyone, yes I am home. I am already failing at daily vlogging, whoops, I guess I’ll just add on today’s footage with tomorrows.  So yes finally home, thank goodness. One year down, three to go. Woohoo. Actually when you think about it, it’s only three years until I’m a real grownup, that’s kind of scary.


Here are some pictures of my first year at college. Some of these might be repeats but that’s okay.

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Okay so here’s a list of advice or just things I picked up from freshman year.

  • Be roommates before friends. It’s nice to be friends with your roommate, but it’s also good to make friends you don’t share with them. That way incase you fight you have somewhere to go and you aren’t messing with the dynamic of a whole group.
  • Make solid group of friends. I have all different types of friends, but I didn’t really find a solid group until later in the year. I’m really grateful that I found a large group of people than just one or two.
  • Go to all the orientation meetings and such. It might be annoying and stupid to play those games but you really make good friends.
  • Force yourself to be friendly, talk to people in the halls, don’t be afraid to ask where something is, sit in the dining hall, and most importantly don’t seclude yourself. At first my roommate and I ate together in the dining hall and then we started branching out and there’s nothing wrong with that at all.
  • Know you can’t do everything. If you try to be in every club, have every job, and do every activity you will not only run out of time for yourself but time to do school work and really that’s more important. It’s good to get involved but you can’t do everything as much as you want to.
  • If a class sounds hard it probably is, and if you aren’t up for the challenge don’t risk your GPA. Trust me I wish I would’ve taken Spanish instead of Arabic all the time, I would’ve done either a lot better or I would’ve been able to test out.
  • Take time for yourself. Eat dinner in your room, take a break from people. You don’t have to be with your friends all the time.
  • Call your parents. Seriously, call them. It’s nice to have that connection and just talk to them, especially when  you feel homesick.
  • If you have the opportunity to go out with friends, and you have the money, take it. It’s a way to strengthen friendships and get to know people better. It’s also nice to eat real food.

I’m also going to do a post (probably on August) on things I think are really important to bring and things that I didn’t find necessary. Anyway, if any of you are finishing finals good luck, and to all of you that finished happy summer! Thanks for reading guys!