Being Back at College

After taking a semester abroad, I didn’t know what to expect when I came back to my home university. There’s a lot less excitement, a lot more classes, and it’s back to normal life. It’s been a real wake up call compared to Ireland.

Now, I am trying not to be one of those people who dwell on their experiences abroad and how much better they were than those in America. This semester won’t be any easier if I just keep looking back at what an amazing time I had while I was away.

Getting back into the swing of things at school has been busy. I came back on a Sunday, had four classes and work that Monday. Life is busy. I’m taking a lot of credits this semester since I dropped a class last semester. I just want to make up for it now rather than next year, honestly I just want the easiest senior year possible.

Friendship and professional relationship wise it was really easy coming back. I think it helped that I talked to Eric most days while I was away, and then over winter break as well. I didn’t feel like I missed anything in their lives to catch up on, he kept me in the loop for the most part. I kept in touch with my adviser while I was away as well, so there wasn’t a lot I needed to tell her either. I think my transition back has been rather simple for the most part.

The weirdest thing about being back is 1) not seeing my new friends every day, and 2) seeing people I’ve never seen before every day. I guess at a lot of schools number two wouldn’t really be that big of a deal, but I go to a very small school where you usually at least recognize everyone if you don’t know them personally, now I don’t recognize or know so many people because a whole class entered the school while I was gone, and it’s just really weird walking around. The first week was almost surreal, it didn’t feel like my school anymore, now I feel back to normal.

I’m glad to be back, I’m glad to be back in a normal routine and schedule. I hope that you’re all having wonderful semesters so far!


Home for a While

I left school today, my package came! The drive home was fast and I didn’t stop at all, which is pretty impressive for me. I usually get really bored so I have to stop to pee and for some type of entertainment I get coffee or a snack. I went to the eye doctor, my prescription has changed so I ordered new glasses that will be revealed eventually. We also decorated the Christmas tree, ate good pizza, I took a bath, watched “The Santa Clause 3,” and I get to sleep in tomorrow. Today hasn’t been half bad. I really want to paint pottery tomorrow but I don’t think that’s going to happen. I have a whole month I suppose.

The concept of home gets kind of weird to me once I’m at school for a while. I mean I was just here three weeks ago and I walk in the door and things are different. I’m at school for about four months with the exception of a weekend or a few days here and there, then I’m home for a month, then I’m back at school for another fourish months and then home for three and halfish. I spend more time there then I do here and yet that’s still school and this is still home. It gets me kind of confused about what home is. Like right now is here in Lancaster, but in three years home could be somewhere completely different.  I love Frederick, but I never say that’s home. When I go back to school I always say “I’m going back to school” not “Oh I’m going to my most of the time housing situation” I don’t know it’s weird to think about.

Home is also weird because I don’t spend all of my time here. I just don’t know friends. Where will home be in 10 years? Where will home be in 5 years? When does this house stop being home? Home is a weird concept. That’s essentially what I thought about the whole way home. Home. I don’t know I think I’m overly tired because I haven’t been sleeping so this probably doesn’t make any sense. Is everyone home now? How were finals?