Country Life

Beep beep boop, guess who? The new freaking WordPress that I still dislike. Also I wish you would answer my tweets about the problems I’m experiencing with your site. That’s really how I judge customer service and you’re failing me. 

I basically live in the countryside, it has it perks, and it’s downfalls. Since I go to school in a more metropolitan area I’ve seen the perks of that too, and after spending my whole life in the middle of nowhere, moving from a borough to a village when I was five, I can honestly say after graduation (post volunteering in an orphanage in another country) I will be living in a city. However that is not the focus of this post. 

To be honest, as much as I complain about living in Lancaster County it’s really beautiful. I mean where else can you see a view like this for miles upon miles? Not many places.

*Insert a picture of what Lancaster County looks like but WORDPRESS SUCKS FIX YOURSELF BEFORE I FREAK* 

Here at night I can see every star, but I can also see the light pollution from Reading, a nearby (not safe at all) city. I think that’s really pretty too. I love that when the moon is orange, you can see it here. I love that my neighbors all know each other and wave when you drive by. I love that I can drive backroads to just about anywhere. I love that we have local grocery stores with all the fresh fruits and vegetable from local places, but I really love the Amish and Mennonite road stands that add so much character.

Country life is fine and dandy, however when it comes down to it, my heart craves the city. One day I will really be a city girl, and my kids will be city kids (if that happens). There’s something about the busy atmosphere my heart craves. Does your heart lie in the city or country?



P.S Real life question is anyone else really ticked off with this WordPress because I’m about to lose it.