DIY T-Shits


As an avid crafter, I am surprised with myself that I have yet to do a real DIY post. I guess that’s because my crafting isn’t typically follow step by step directions, it’s more like swipe some colors of paint on a canvas and see if it turns out pretty or not. Well, last week  I was inspired by Grace Helbig’s “DIY + ACCESSORIES + ROOM DECOR” video. It was hilarious and kind of poking fun at beauty gurus, which I’m sure some people found offensive, but I don’t think that was the intention of it. I personally thought it was hilarious so I wanted to do some iron on t-shirts like she did in the video.

For this DIY you need scissors, transfer paper, and any shirts you want to decorate. I don’t know what kind of transfer paper I bought, it’s from Michaels, it came for both light and dark shirts so I bought the multi pack, I wouldn’t recommend this one. I wish I would’ve done more transfer paper research before purchasing. You also need a hard surface, I took the cover off the ironing board and used that, you also need an iron.

Okay so my first attempt was a complete flop. Keep in mind, these pictures are taken on my tripod. All of my friends live in other states plus everyone is going back to college plus I don’t really let people touch my camera to be honest.  So the pictures are at odd angles and weird lighting, I did my best during the editing process but you know, stuff happens.


So this was my first attempt at doing the iron on. It said not to mirror the image (I should’ve) also it just didn’t come off correctly. It was frustrating.


This is the only picture of my second attempt because it didn’t turn out at all because I didn’t follow the directions, make sure you follow the directions!

My third attempt was actually successful! Yay!! So basically, for all of my picture editing, I use the site PicMonkey, highly recommended if you don’t have photoshop or anything fancy. It’s free or you can get all it has to offer for $33 a year, or something else for each month, but per year is cheaper so I do that. They also have stickers and stuff you can use to design things, like my titles that I do, (this sounds sponsored, I wish it was) so I used the stickers for some of the iron ons, like this cat. Basically, I just cut it out of the transfer paper and followed the directions this time and it worked!


Second attempt at the grey shirt worked! I love the smirking emoji so I just used that one.  I just Googled it, like I did for the failure of the map above.


With my second attempt for the white shirt, I learned that you can’t always come out successful. I tried for days to get the original blue out of the shirt with Goo Gone, nail polish remover, and rubbing alcohol, I came to the conclusion that it was good enough and the black would over power it. It turns out that it didn’t and that the black didn’t work well either. I would not recommend the light color transfer paper as it did not work nearly as well as the one for dark colors. I also burned the shirt but I think some Goo Gone didn’t come off well in the wash and that’s what burned. I’ll still wear this as pajamas but not out and about like I will with the other two.

Here I am modeling all three shirts, I’m being very much a poser here. You can also sorta see my new hair cut, you can definitely see how short it is now. I like how the grey smirk emoji one turned out the best, the cat shirt is a small, which always stretches over the chest area so that’s not as comfortable. I might actually wear the smirk one on the plane to Ireland because it’s comfy and I see it as a conversation starter.

Let me know if you decide to make anything similar, while it’s frustrating, it is a lot of fun.



Late Night Blogging with Mary: Part 5

Okay so I’m regretting numbering these. Like say I blog for another 80 years, Late Night Blogging with Mary (hereinafter referred to as LNBM) there could be hundreds of these, that’ll be embarrassing, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

Can I just say, how much I miss my best friend. I’ve been home for a while now, I’m not really sure how long, but I’m still not used to Eric just not being around. It’s weird going from constant to phone calls and text messages.

I really want a cat. I think it’s because I’m not allowed to have one. Growing up we had my dog, and then he died this year so now I just want something and I think I want a cat because I never had one. Like they just look so cuddly. It’s kind of like when I get baby fever, I think I have cat fever. All I want to do is cuddle cats.

It’s very interesting to me what is sold for dorm rooms. Like there are things that I see and think “Oh yes, that would be useful if my room was three times bigger.” I feel like it’s kind of a ploy to get freshman to buy things they don’t need and won’t use, but that’s just my opinion.

Pinterest moms. HOW. I love to craft but those Pinterest moms are insane, like in the best way possible. I typically assume they are stay at home moms who have a lot of time- I’m probably wrong but I have created a stereotype in my mind that I’m going to stick with. Some of those crafts are just insane. I am curious as to if it actually saves money. Sometimes I think what it costs to make some of the stuff you might as well just buy it, however, that defeats the fun of it. I want to be a Pinterest mom, minus the stereotype that they are stay at home moms. They are admirable and creative. I wonder if their colleges had a Martha Stewart major…

Okay I’m cutting it short tonight. I’m tired and ready for bed.



I wish I was artistically gifted. Like sitting down and just painting an amazing scene. I can sit down and paint “modern” art. Which really means that I pick colors I think look good together, or if I’m feeling wild, all the colors just in lines or squiggles or whatever because it’s very therapeutic. Those people though who draw or paint or make these amazing pictures I just think it’s great and wish I could do it.

While I’m not artistic I would say that I’m creative. I spend a lot of time trying to figure out ways to create things. Like I love to take pictures, which in my opinion does take a creative mind. I love to color, crochet, paint canvases, paint pottery, blog, I love to create. Being creative is seriously one of my go-tos when I’m stressed. I think being creative, or creating is something that everyone should try and do.

Creating is something that is so important for your mind. We are often forced to use our left brain for school and to make logical decisions (I mean who wants to make logical decisions? Not me, but I have to, thanks for that left brain), I think this also forces us to forget about our creative side. There’s more to being creative than making little art projects and DIY’s. Blogging is being creative. I’ve seen some very creative snapchats, Instagrams, even Facebook posts. I think even just writing down your thoughts and ideas is creative.

I believe that everyone should just try and take some time this week to be creative and see what you can do. Let me know what you like to do to be creative, I’m always looking for more ways to be creative!