Late Night Blogging with Mary: Part 20

late night blogging with mary

I’m exhausted. Just like physically exhausted. My IT class has already kept me up until 2 am two nights ago and until 12 last night and it’s only the second week of classes.

This semester is going to be long. I just know it. Maybe this light dusting of snow will give me a delay tomorrow, I would not complain. I would like to have a week off due to snow delays and days off in total because they added a week to our calendar. We’re supposed to get this huge snow storm this weekend, but I have a feeling that it won’t happen. Also, I hate that, weekend storms are the worst. I always have to move my car through the icy campus and they wait until Sunday to actually plow/salt anything. Maryland doesn’t do snow well.

My classes thus far are interesting, yet I know they will be challenging. I’m already learning new things in nearly all of my classes, which is great because usually it’s still a review. I’m glad that I’m finally getting interested in what I’m learning about. Advanced Reporting is probably  my least favorite class, but Online Journalism is probably my favorite, we all know I have a little obsession with the internet.

This weekend I have a lot to do, and I would like to do some scrapbooking. I know I live a fascinating life and you were all dying to know that I just want to scrapbook. I want to try and get a head start on my homework that way I’m not procrastinating. This week when I tried to get ahead on my IT homework, the site was down, so that didn’t help my procrastination at all. My philosophy is this semester the farther ahead I get the easier life will be in the long run. We’ll see how that works out.

I really want to get into being more creative. I feel like I’m just letting all of my creative energy fall to the wayside while I don’t do much with my free time. I need to devote more of my free time to creative things and less to Netflix and doing nothing.

I don’t know if I’ve written this anywhere, but I’m very glad to be back at school with my friends, but it does take some adjusting. I hardly recognize anyone and all of last week I just felt like I had to leave soon. I think it’s just starting to sink in that I’m not going back to Ireland anytime soon, however, I am glad to be back. You can’t dwell on the fact that you’re back in the US, otherwise you’ll never move on in life, so I’m just accepting it and moving on.

Everyone seems to just be going back to school, but how are your semesters going so far? Or jobs? Or just life in general?


Majoring in Martha Stewart (Minus the Jail-Time)



I’m really obsessed with being crafty, like painting, creating, and like just being crafty in case you weren’t aware. Like Michael’s is one of my favorite stores in the whole world, which I’ve definitely written about before, but I could spend hours in there, mostly because I can never decide on what I want to craft. My favorite section of the store though is her line of supplies, which I never buy because I can buy two or three of the cheap brand for the same price, but her stuff is just so pretty. Like her brand is just beautiful and I love it. The only thing wrong with her is that she was arrested, but if you’re going to get arrested it might as well be because you’re making money I guess. However, I would like to be her minus the jail time just because I would never last in jail. Ever.

I don’t know when I became obsessed with her because if I’m being honest, I can’t say that I have ever seen any of her shows or know much about her other than she basically a professional crafter. What on earth could be better than being a professional crafter? I type as I switch back and forth between typing and crocheting. I’ve been a 50 year old woman for about 5  years now.

It’s kind of been a joke with some of my friend and I about how to major in being Martha Stewart since it’s the only thing I know I want to do. I know I’m a communications major so maybe I’m on the right track to having a TV show. Jokes. I would never. No one would want to see me awkwardly sitting there improperly crafting and stuttering, also I wouldn’t want to do that either. However, I could tell someone what to do and what to craft without stuttering while they were on TV and not me.

Martha Stewart is my inspiration for all crafts, if she wouldn’t encourage it I won’t do it. Well with the exception of the boat which is still a work in progress but it will be finished and revealed soon (maybe). My advice is if a wooden boat costs $5 don’t get it, it will be more trouble than it’s worth, it is however, a great bonding experience with friends so maybe get it anyway.

I got to the rambling point and I know this post was odd enough to begin with and now everyone is going to think I’m crazy but oh well. I’m just going to stop while I’m somewhat ahead I suppose.,

I’ve Defeated the Beast

I’m obsessed with craft stores, Michael’s imparticular. Whenever I go I have to set a budget on my way there and I have to stay under it, it’s my little rule after I went crazy on yarn one day last year and I had shopper’s regret not long after. Like on the way home.

Anyway, my sister wants a journal like the ones I made here for her birthday, so my limit today was $10 and I could only buy things for her journal. Well I couldn’t find any embellishments that I like for her, the only ones I could find were curved and that wouldn’t work even with an endless supply of super glue. So I only bought the journal. I found it, looked for some embellishments and left. That’s what I call success.

Usually when I arrive I immediately forget what I’m doing there, I go straight for the clearance section to find something cool. I usually rummage through their bins for probably a good twenty to thirty minutes. Then I decide that there’s something I should be looking for and my basket is already full, so I take at least three things out. Then I go to get what I want, but I get distracted by the stickers, some yarn on sale, the wood section, and then by the time I get to what I’m looking for the basket’s full once again. I have to go and put five things back this time (that’s what I deserve after not following my rules) and I go back to what I’m looking for, only after getting distracted by the paint on sale and the little dollar section. After planning what my house is going to look like ten years from now, I finally add what I needed to my cart, so I add up the approximate cost of this shopping trip. That’s when I usually realize I’m about $20 over budget so I have to go through and put half of my stuff back.

Today, that didn’t happen. Today I defeated the beast I call Michael’s. I finally did the in and out trip I’ve been trying to do since I got my license and was building robots (that would be a cool post!). So next time you have to go somewhere in an in and out fashion here are some tips.

  • Don’t get distracted by colors or glitter, I know it’s hard for me too, but focus!
  • Remember the budget and add while you grab. Trust me, you don’t want to run around the store trying to find places to put the things you no longer want.
  • Time, if you have somewhere to be don’t waste it. Go it, get what you need, leave. Repeat that in your head over and over as soon as your car door opens.
  • Remember that money is limited and you don’t need the ten dollar glittery stamp pad (I think this has been one of my put back items at least five times).
  • Just because it’s on sale, doesn’t mean it’s a good deal. If you don’t need it right this second see if it’s less expensive online or at a different store.

Now, I leave you to go defeat your beast.