Average Adventure: Washington D.C. (again)

Okay so here’s the thing I go to DC every now and then because it’s literally an hour from where I go to school and sometimes it’s kind of like, why not? Well today we were supposed to go to Annapolis but we changed our minds and decided to wander around aimlessly in DC.

Today there are only a few pictures, more so from not so touristy places because those pictures get boring really fast. So enjoy some more pictures of like historic and like scenery (I know scenic is the right word to use, I just don’t want to use it) pictures.

P1080069          P1080070

Okay so this is the same street. I have this weird obsession with city streets lined with trees. It’s kind of like how I feel about sailboats.

P1080072This is a sign for Logan Square, Logan was with me (as was Eric) so I had to take a picture of this sign of course.


I really liked this house. Afer looking at it a bit closer when walking by, I think it’s like a double house. I don’t know though. Probably very expensive, but very cool. I would live there.


Here is some more tree lined thingsssss. This is a side walk that’s treelined.

DC is way more than the museums and really cool government buildings. There are other things more than the touristy everyday things that you see every time you go. A lot of exploring and adventuring can be done outside of the everyday things. What’s your favorite thing to do in DC?



Average Adventure: Washington DC with Jade!

Yesterday I went to visit my friend Jade in DC. Getting there is always an adventure since I drive to the metro station,and then I had to transfer to go and meet her but I didn’t get lost at all! I would like to apologize because this is going to be a picture heavy post and I’m shying away from the way I typically post pictures (the square gallery thing) because I don’t want to do it that way. Also, a video should be posted tomorrow or Monday too!


This is the steepest escalator I have ever ridden.


Fun fact about me, I’m obsessed with towers on buildings. I just imagine sitting on a window seat reading a book whenever I see them.

P1060395 P1060396

We went to Nandos for lunch! Per usual I forgot to take a picture of my food before I started.

P1060400 P1060402

P1060405 P1060408 P1060409

DC has some of the most amazing architecture in my opinion. I just find buildings very interesting.


P1060419 P1060420 P1060421

Selfies in front of the White House. Well the back of the White House.

P1060423 P1060424


P1060430 P1060431

I’m pretty sure these are the only pictures of me without my glasses. My sunglasses are prescription so I hate switching between the two.

P1060432 P1060433 P1060435 P1060439


P1060448 P1060451

Everyone needs a picture of the Washington Monument and the Metro.

I’m not sure where my next adventure will be, but this little one was fun. It’s also nice to see people from home even when you’re away.

Have a great Saturday!