Baby Boomers are the Best and Millennials are the Worst

I am a millennial. Now before you try and fight me on it, just let me have it. I have done papers. I fall in the years of millennials so please don’t even go there. I’m not Gen Z. I am the “problem” generation.

I am constantly pulling HR articles for social media posting at work and so many I come across are about millennials in the workplace and essentially what a PIA we are. SHUT UP. PLEASE. SHUT UP.

Fact. I don’t care if a company gives me a t-shirt, lets me wear whatever I want, or has pets in the office. All of those are perks, but not the most prevalent ones. We still want retirement plans we still want benefits.

I don’t know why every person who is not a millennial knows what we want and I’m also very curious how you can generalize a whole generation. You simply can’t. We have Google, Facebook, Amazon, BuzzFeed, and all of the media giants of today influencing people’s opinions of millennials, but in all honesty, they’re just adding icing on the cake. Companies are taking their avant-garde ideas that they add as pluses to their other benefits, but are forgetting to give people the OG benefits that are expected with a salaried job.

Let’s take BuzzFeed for example, ask anyone interested in digital media between the ages of 15 and 25, I would say 80% of them would be willing to work for BuzzFeed and 90% would at least be willing to make an appearance in a video or have a Tweet quoted in an article. Yet, their turnover rate for a lot of their “successful” employees is extremely high. Search “Why I Left BuzzFeed” on YouTube and you will find a million and one reasons. However, most of these are either centered around not having enough money to scrape by, or not having enough control over their personal brand. Their casual dress code, puppies in the office, popular videos, and overall portrayed energy promotes an idea of ideal work/life balance and displays people who seem like they generally want to go to work. This is what people think of millennials

So take away the “millennial wants” from BuzzFeed, you would see the reality of the situation there. Less than thrilled employees, not making enough money, and you would see the reality of a high turnover rate. It’s the idea of the perks that appeal to millennials, but it’s not what keeps them. 

So just a question: Why are millennials treated like we are the glutens, goldfish, and idiots of the workplace? All we’re looking for is someone to leech off of until someone new comes along. We don’t have the focus or attention span to stay with a company very long. And last but not least, we don’t really know anything (on top of literally everything we have ruined like department stores and fancy napkins).

Social media, as much as I love and cherish it, has given baby boomer and gen x to become afraid of the power they do not understand and attack us verbally. Naturally, the hashtags they try to dominate with why we’re the worst are quickly taken over by millennial “trolls.” We are not the snowflake generation, we are just not afraid to stand up for what we believe in. We are not cry babies and whiners, we’re just saying what we think to a larger audience. I’m sure gen x and baby boomer did just as much complaining back in their day, they just didn’t have a platform that would allow it to be so widespread. Back in their day, it was 15 minutes of fame, not the kind of fame we see today and they’re scared.

Back off, let me live tweet your breakdown and go viral because of it. While you continue to complain about how millennials suck (on the internet when we use it too much apparently) you’re going to be missing a lot of success. Stop being a precious snowflake and realize that millennials are starting to dominate the workforce and there’s not much you can do to stop it at this rate. We aren’t taking your jobs, killing industries, or whatever else you want to blame us for. Next time, don’t ruin the housing market and maybe I’ll buy a house as soon as I have a stable job, but too bad you did. If you want something fixed, go shop at more department stores and fix it. 


So guys my update earlier today sucked and now I just got a burst of inspiration and I’m going to compare my different friendships, home vs. school.  This is something I noticed just now, my new friends don’t get me.  They don’t understand that I’m the pickiest eater, they can’t read my emotions by the way I’m talking, they don’t understand my sarcasm and they take my snarky comments entirely too seriously.  They don’t know how to react when I want to do spontaneous things, let alone even consider joining me, they just don’t get me like my friends from home do. This is completely different to my friends at home where they cater to my picky needs because they are the same way, they know exactly how I feel by a look on my face or the way the way I phrase a sentence, when I am sarcastic it’s probably because they started it, and if I say something snarky, they reply with something snarky back.

I think for many people the meet their friends for life at college, but I’m not going to, I already have mine.  I’m meeting people here that I like and that I get along with but they are not my best friends. Back home we call ourselves 4/4- a long story but if you want an explanation leave a comment and I’ll write it- and one of my friends here knows that we do that because they put it on twitter, so she did decided that our group of three friends here was to be dubbed the “Three Musketeers” could be anymore freaking cliché? Then she has the audacity to ask me which group of friends I like better, I simply said that it’s too different to pick.  This just made me mad because my friendships are stronger than hers with her old friends and she seems really jealous that I have good friends waiting for me somewhere.  The people here just don’t get me, and that’s okay as long as I have my friends back home still.  So here’s the second post of the day- I hope you enjoyed it! Love you all!