The War on Free Press

While I work in marketing and have no desire to ever go into journalism, that’s essentially what my communications degree is in. I was editor-in-chief my senior year and I have spent a lot of my time writing and research about new things for my classes. I took almost every journalistic type class offered during college and as Trump began to stick out as a forerunner, then a major candidate, and then finally president elect it became a big topic of discussion in many of our classes.

I don’t care what your political affiliation is, by deeming news to be fake, you are hurting free press. When the president pinpoints specific news outlets to be “fake” he’s hurting one of the major values of our country. I’m sure you all know where I stand with him, but to me, this is one thing we need to be standing up for.

Today, I saw a headline for the NYT (couldn’t read it; reached my max for the month already) and it was about how journalists are not the enemy, and I haven’t seen something that describes this war of free press so perfectly. Everyone has opinions, everyone has thoughts, and that’s the point of living in America, we can share those thoughts and opinions without fear of persecution.

In May, my college made national headlines because of a display that was put up by the Hood College Republicans, many found it offensive, including myself. However, it stayed up because my college honored free speech. Although some tried to deem it hate speech, there was nothing attributed to specific members of the club, but rather big names of the Republican party. I respect that, I respect that my college allowed it to remain standing. I would not say I would have allowed so much discussion over it (giving us some negative right-wing publicity) but it’s the perfect demonstration of why free speech is so important.

I think everyone is willing to admit how biased some news outlets are, especially in today’s political climate. However, by deeming essentially all news other than Fox, an extremely right-winged outlet to be fake we are hurting free speech. When I hear the president call out nearly every basic cable channel as fake news, all I can think about are children all over the country who will turn to Fox as their main source.

There is biased media, CNN, Fox, even the NYT I have recently been perceived as more left-winged recently (maybe it’s because of what one of their reporters said to me but that’s a different story). Just because there are biased media, doesn’t mean there are unbiased media. Do your research, according to the Pew Research Center, everyone seems to equally trust the Wall Street Journal (and no one trusts BuzzFeed big surprise there). Learn what sites you find to be most valuable, but traditionally left and right winged media shouldn’t be trusted. Yes, I’d prefer to go check out CNN over Fox, but really I’m probably not going to go to either, I’m going to check multiple sources, get more than one side of the story.

The thing about a free press is that it’s not just for one party, which is why we shouldn’t be relying on one or few sources like Trump seems to be doing. When people think about America one of the first things they think about is freedom, which includes speech, which guess what, includes the media.

Fake news was not coined to attack CNN, NYT, ABC, and so on, it was coined for those falling for Onion articles shared on Facebook. I found this topic interesting because it’s trending on Twitter, how journalists today aren’t journalists, which frankly I have to disagree with. Journalists today have to work so much harder, they’re fighting not only other news outlets for stories but also the internet, which funny enough you can’t just take someone’s Tweets and call it news (@BuzzFeed). Also consider the fact that many journalists and specific media organizations were banned from Trump rallies, making their jobs even harder.

There’s a lot of freedoms we have in this country, which is a very good thing, but BOTH sides need to stop attacking the media. If we didn’t have a free press our country would be a very dark place. So go ahead and call it fake news or whatever you want, just know that we need a free press. It needs to be protected. Find people in the middle, find outlets that have a fair compromise, I swear they’re out there. If you write off any news outlet that doesn’t align with your political beliefs, you’re only going to get half the story. A lot of problems can be found when people disagree.

If the government were to start impeeding on free press, free speech might be next, which then no one will be able to march, either side.

Fake news isn’t what the right wants you to believe, it’s the Onion, and sites like that, not sites that are perpetuating a left-winged agenda. Both exist, so learn about both, learn all the sides. A good journalist will let you know everything.

It’s not Fox or CNN that I feel bad for in this case, it’s newspapers, middle of road news stations, people who are really just trying to share the news. Journalists are so passionate about what they do, it’s a shame to see polictics impeed on a passion like that.


So your not a feminist…

life-is-too-short-to-belived-counting-the-years-enjoy-the-ride-and-makeamazing-memories-have-a-great-birthdayOkay I get it. You are a woman and you’re not like other women. You’ve never faced adversity so you don’t really need feminism. You don’t understand why so many women are afraid of this presidency. Seriously, he said “Grab ’em by the pussy,” and then he took away the right to birth control. We are living in a society where rape culture is perpetuated, but the president.

Okay but good for you, you are “not like other girls” because you haven’t faced any problems related to your gender, and for your sake, I hope you never do.

Here’s the thing though, I’m fighting for you. I’m fighting for your right to be a stay at home mom, your right for affordable healthcare, your right for an equal pay check, and anything else you might need that someone out there wants to keep from you.

The best thing about America (hoping it stays that way) is that we have our freedom of speech, and God gave us free-will so you really don’t need to be a feminist. I just wish you would realize what the cause actually meant.

I don’t want all of you non-feminists out there to think that I find myself better than you, I don’t, seriously. I’ve seen that comment so many places, and it’s just not true. I love you so much, I just want the best for you, your daughters, your mothers, your sisters, and any other woman that has impacted your life in a positive way.

Feminism isn’t just for women. It’s for everyone and everyone can benefit, I wish you were a feminist, and I’ll never understand those of you who say you are not, however, I will fight for you. Fight for your rights. Fight for our equality.

Remember, at the end of the day, this shouldn’t be a discussion. All people are equal, treat each other as such.


Waking Up to Trump


You should be scared. America, one of the world’s leading powers elected a racist, sexist, homophobic man to be our leader yesterday. I have never been so fearful for our country.

I am too young to remember all of 9/11. I remember that it was scary, I remember that we left school early, and I remember my mom crying. Today will be a day I never forget. I will never forget last night watching the polls come in. I will never forget waking up and remembering last night and the impact that will have on the rest of my life. I will never forget reading that my 8 year old cousin is afraid of the president elect. I will never forget fearing that my future children could grow up in a world that is the complete opposite of what I’ve envisioned for them my whole life.

I was hopeful that my future daughters would know that a woman can do anything. I am now so, so fearful that my future daughters will grow up thinking that it is okay for a man to say “grab her in the pussy” and for my future sons to think that saying such things is okay. Yes, I can teach them better, but I cannot control what they hear beyond the doors of my future home.

I am scared to be a woman. I will pray every time I walk out the door. A man who is on trial for rape can be our leader, how is that not perpetuating the rape culture? As if I wasn’t scared enough before. One in four college women is sexually assaulted, and the president has so many allegations against him, but that’s okay because at least he didn’t use a private email server. Imagine being a woman who was assaulted by him, she has to face the fact that he is the leader of the “free” world.

Don’t even get me started on the way he treats minorities. You cannot ban a religion. This country was based on the freedom of religion, that is why people came here. You cannot take that away. The fact that a person won who wants to do that is disgusting and repulsive. He makes fun of people with disabilities, how can you excuse that? America was made to be a safe haven for the world, and he is taking the away from us and the world.

I will pray for the future of this country, but I will also pray that I can find some temporary work outside of these borders. I don’t think I can live in a place that is filled with so much hate for minorities. I’m going to pray more and more every day of my life until there is hope restored in my heart and love replaces all the hate that he perpetuates. I will pray and go to church everyday if I have to, I hope that God can work through me to make all of this hate love, because frankly I feel sick by this country.

This is a very sad day for America. I hope that if you voted for Trump, you can tell your daughters why. I hope you can explain to every woman in this country why he is okay for us, what he will do for women, the answer is NOTHING.

Trump doesn’t give a shit about anyone except himself. He wants to stop immigration and his wife is an immigrant, will he deport her? No. Just the Muslims because they’re a “threat” when really they believe in peace. They are the extremists. If you are basing your ideas of Islam off of the extremists, please base your vision of Christianity on the Westboro Baptist Church and the KKK, who by the way endorse the president elect.

So enjoy America. These are the unfortunate choices that were made by the electoral college (what a joke) and not by the people. Good luck, and I’m going to find somewhere else to go. This was not my choice. I do not accept him as my president.