So I’ve been 22…


Okay so I didn’t write last year (2016) around my birthday, why? Because I wasn’t writing. Am I getting better now? A little bit but not really. So, in order to try and be a better blogger I’m going to write about 22 so far.

Here’s the thing: I’m feeling it, I’m feeling 22. It’s my Taylor Swift year, and that’s the best way to look at it as a positive thing in my opinion. I have not been taking aging in my twenties thus far very gracefully, each year is met with extreme expectations that are never quite met with the enthusiasm that I picture to be. So, by making this my Taylor Swift year I’m attempting to live my life like the “22” song that everyone seems to be quoting on their Instagrams this fateful year. As well as a host of all the Taylor Swift songs that I’ve ever aspired to see myself in.

Now, I’m the first of my friends for the most who turned 22 back in September, so that’s always been like an existential thing for me, it just makes me feel older than I am. However, I would say this was definitely the best celebration yet for 22 and I had started off my year on quite the kick. By that I mean I got pretty drunk with some of my best friends. I think that set a precedent for 22. Yes, I’m drinking more than I ever have (once a week, chill out, nothing too crazy) but it’s okay. This is my last year as  a pre-adult so I’m doing whatever I want for one more year and I think that’s really okay.

22 so far has been a time for self-actualization and self-love. I’ve been letting myself really do what I want, I mean I’m sure the Zoloft helps with that, but I’m finally doing things that I’ve always wanted to but stopped myself from doing. While I’m still often referred to as mom, I’m doing less-momish things and putting myself first sometimes. Not all the time, I do still have a problem saying no, but I’m trying to get better at it. I’ve also gotten a lot better at trying to make my life work for me, and at the end of the day what’s going to make me happy.

22 so far has been a time for friendships and lack of toxic relationships. The week after my birthday I started cutting out people who were toxic to me because that isn’t something I need to deal with. So I’ve worked on friendships with people who equalize their relationship with me, if that makes sense. Yes friendships are a two-way street, and sometimes they require more give than take, but it shouldn’t be that way all the time. So I found new friends, grew old friendships, formed new ones, and left the bad ones. There are too many good people in this world to surround yourself with people who make you feel bad about yourself.

22 so far has been a time for thoughts surrounding my future, as if that isn’t what I’ve been doing for the past four years of college. However, now it’s different. It’s more real. I’m applying for jobs, seeing what is best for me and my future. I have to think about things like benefits and the cost of living in cities where I apply to jobs compared to the salary. It’s a lot to think about.

So far, I think 22 has been good to me, maybe I’ll update you when I turn 23 about how the rest of the year goes. For now, I’m feelin’ 22.

Are you 22? Did you learn something new about yourself when you were?


They’re Not Cool

According to the CDC in 2011 39% of highschoolers had consumed at least some alcohol (, and the NIH reports that 4 out of 5 college students drink ( Now let’s factor in the people who wouldn’t report if they drink or not and the fact that it’s later than 2011 numbers can change, so obviously you can see today’s rant topic, underage drinking. Personally, I made the decision a long time ago to not drink until I’m at least 21, if ever and that was a completely personal decision I made and I know a lot of people don’t feel the same way and that’s all I’m going to say about that because that’s not what this rant is about. This rant is about those people, the people who think they have to brag all about the drinking they do, the parties they go to, the amount of times they vomit, and so on and so forth, and I only have one thing to say to you if you are one of those people.


Like I literally don’t care about how “wasted” you were that one night, I don’t give a shit if you were “trashed” all last weekend, and I could care less if you blacked out last night. The thing is the more you talk about it, the less and less I think you actually do it. I think people feel the need to hype up things that they think are impressive when they actually aren’t.

It is completely normal to drink in college, even underage so bragging about it is stupid. It makes more sense to brag if you aren’t drinking, because that’s different, that stands out. So yes, this is how I feel on underaged drinking. Go ahead, do it, I don’t care, but I don’t need to hear about it because if every person told me about how drunk they were I don’t think I’d ever hear the end of it. So, if you drink please don’t share with me because I could actually care less.

Sorry if I offend anyone with this rant, actually I’m not sorry. I hope it makes you think about how much of your life you share with others that they probably don’t care about. So yes, drinking happens and we are all aware, so no need to brag about it.



Also I have seemed to misplace my calendar again so extra trivia when I find it!