Just Keep Praying

Lately I’ve been continuing on with my Quarter Life Crisis or if you would rather an Existential Crisis mostly because I have no idea what I’m doing with life or anything for that matter and it really stresses me out. My solution lately has been to pray. I know I don’t really talk about prayer on here much because it’s controversial you know and that’s one issue I don’t like to debate.

I keep praying for some type of solution or break in life. Not an answer, because in my experience God doesn’t like to give answers, He likes to lead you in the right way. Well I’m praying for some type of direction, a direction of what I’m good at, what I should be doing, anything really, and I know He probably is but it doesn’t feel like He’s leading me anywhere currently.

I’ve been praying to find something great in myself, to find something in myself that’s actually worth something, and I know all of me is worth something, like I could probably sell my organs for a really high price, but I mean like finding something in me that’s marketable I suppose. Maybe that’s why I’ve been a distance annoying blogger lately and I’m sorry for that. I’m just doing some soul searching. If I’m being honest it feels like I haven’t written a post in a good week even though I haven’t missed a day.

So yeah I’m just praying to figure some stuff out, I mean I know it’ll all work out, but I think I should just try harder in general. Like I’ve been trying really hard on my papers for school and the words aren’t coming out the way I want it to and I’ve been trying and I just feel like a failure. I know I’m not, it just feels that way.

Right now I’m going to make three goals for this semester.

  1. Try hard on all of my school work and study.
  2. Be more friendly.
  3. Try harder on here (my blog) and bring it to the next level.

So that’s what I have for today. Leave me motivational quotes in the comments, I need them!