Group Projects and Ending the Semester

Currently I have four group projects going on and a paper and an individual project all due next week. I have far too many responsibilities to be writing this but here are where the angers and frustrations go so they don’t get projected onto other people.

Group projects suck. I hate depending on other people for a grade, especially when I know people are unreliable. I feel like I have to do everything myself because even when I designate people can’t seem to do anything right. If you want something done right, you just have to do it yourself is really the best philosophy sometimes. I’m very frustrated with all of them and I feel the shutting out starting, like how I was last year and I would prefer that not to happen, but it probably will.

All of these projects and papers do however, signify the end of the year. Remember how excited I was last year? Not so much this year. I don’t have a job (I left there before I went to Florida in case I didn’t update you on that), I’m leaving people that I spend all of my time with and really care about this year, and I’m going to be home a lot longer this year. I know that makes me sound terrible to all the people at home, and yes I will enjoy seeing everyone at home, but I just know that this summer is going to be very different than last summer.

Everything just seems like it’s piling up on top of me and I’m stressed. Did I mention that I’ve had four phone interviews in the past three week and I’ve only heard no from two of them and nothing from the rest, and I have another tomorrow? There’s just a lot going on around me and I feel like I can’t get on top of any of it. I’m both completely ready and not ready for this semester to be over.

What is the stress on your end? Extreme or are you waiting for finals?