Defining Moments.

First of all I would just like to thank everyone for their support with my idea yesterday, and the more I think about it and the more people I talk to the more support I get. The only thing I would really like is a partner of some sort, if you would be interested in that at all please email me at with a reason why you would be interested in helping me and if you have enough time to devote to helping me.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about here is a link to yesterday’s post so you can find out. I think I’m going to start putting information for this event in my Sunday updates so be on the look out for that.

So since I didn’t like my February month series thing, I’ve decided on writing about some huge defining moments in my life. So if you read my post on my family or when I reviewed 2013, you probably saw some of my many defining moments in life, but not all of them. I would put pictures in but a lot of them are on my family computer back home so I’m just going to write them. This is also partially because I’m lazy.

  • Obviously my first defining moment in life was my birth. If it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t be here today. Thanks for that mom and dad. I was also baptized as an infant which let me into the church and really helped shaped my life, which I would say is a defining moment.
  • In the second grade I made my First Communion, which let me get more involved in the Mass, which was a defining moment, at the time because I felt like a princess, now because it’s a really important part of my faith.
  • In the third or fourth grade, I found my first passion, acting. I joined the acting club and I went back every year to do stage work and managing until the my sophomore year when it was sadly put to an end. Even though I never got involved at a higher level I always consider this a defining moment because these were some of my happiest years, I felt like I was doing something that mattered.
  • At the age of 14 I made my Confirmation which allowed me to be a full member of the church, which to me personally was a very defining moment.
  • In the 8th grade one of my favorite teachers at the time advised me to join Model UN. Something that I ended up being pretty good at. This leads to the defining moment of getting three awards my sophomore year, that weren’t just participation awards, but an award I actually worked for.
  • I would have to say the biggest defining moment of my life was the invitation to go to Europe. At the time I had no idea what an impact it would have on my life, but it has left a lasting impression. This is not only something that I will remember my whole life but it is something that brought me two of my best friends.
  • My graduation obviously was a defining moment in my life, however, it was and even better moment for me because I not only helped plan it, and read off the names of my closest friends, but I had the amazing opportunity to be a commencement speaker. This was just a big moment for me and something I always wanted to do so to have the opportunity to it was amazing.
  • Finally my last defining moment, and probably a huge thing was leaving for college. I mean even though I go home regularly (mostly because I’m not a fan of it here) to pack up my life and put it into boxes and start living in another state was a defining moment in my life. It was a big deal to me, something I had never done before.

Okay so those are just some major defining moments in my life, what are some of yours? Again if anyone is interested in my blogger convention, please let me know! On a completely unrelated note I have some very exciting things to come in the upcoming days/weeks/months and I can’t wait to share it all with you guys! Thanks for reading!




My Irish Adventure

Okay, so I promise I didn’t intentionally not write a post yesterday, I ended up working a double/overnight and I did try writing a post on my phone, but that didn’t work out too well since phone screens are rather small and the internet at work is slow and I was extremely tired. Oh also I didn’t do anything too exciting this past week to be considered an adventure, so I’m going to a do a little spurt on the time I went to Ireland this summer. Now before this would have been considered a “Pretty Place” post, but with the name of my blog I decided to change it to “My (blank) Adventure” so yeah.


Okay so first picture is from a lock bridge in Dublin, which has to be one of my favorite places in the world. Not the lock bridge but Dublin. It’s super pretty and it’s filled with culture, and rather than huge chains of restaurants, Dublin has a lot of pubs, small restaurants, and boutiques, that I think makes it seem like a more genuine place. It is one of the biggest cities in Ireland, if not the biggest city, and I felt so safe there, there was never a place that I walked that I was like, whoa I shouldn’t be here, everywhere I went I felt surrounded by the kindest people.


This picture was taken at the Cliffs of Moher, which was just filled with breath taking beauty.  It was a very surreal experience however, there were suicide prevention signs everywhere which made the experience kind of sad but other than that my cousin and I had a wonderful hike.


Okay well unfortunately I have no idea where I took this picture, but I love it because I believe that it captures the essence of Ireland almost perfectly. One of my favorite things in Ireland is that it’s exactly how you imagine it to be, little villages filled with pubs and wonderful, whole-hearted, and kind people. If I had to choose anywhere to live not in a city, it would have to be in Ireland. It is just sheer beauty and contains everything good in the world.

Anywho, this is my Irish adventure, well the second. I have been fortunate enough to be able to visit twice, once with People to People and the second time with my grandparents and cousin. Both were amazing and beautiful trips and i loved both of them so much.  I hope you like this new segment, it’s a little different than the “Pretty Places” ones and this is how my Saturday post will be formated probably.

I also wanted to add another New Year’s goal, which is try to make a difference in someone’s life once a day, even if that’s just putting a smile on someone’s face. Completely off topic, I know but just want to keep you in the loop.




January 3: Z- for Zillow, the real-estate website.

Questions (both days become I’m about to post today’s post too, so that’s too quick and will give it away):

January 4:  What popular fruit was declared a vegetable in a unanimous 1893 U.S. Supreme Court decision?

January 5:  What nation’s flag most closely resembles the U.S. Stars and Stripes?

Pretty Places

Pretty Places

So here’s just a little blurb about another pretty place I’ve visited. Over summer 2012 I went to Europe with a group of high school students. In my previous Pretty Places post I did a quick paragraph or two on the beauty of London, this one is covering just a bit of Normandy. For those of you have never been to Normandy, it is one of the prettiest places on earth, yet one of most depressing as well. The water is such a clear blue, the cliffs (the only way I can think to describe the landforms), and the wild flowers can leave just about anyone speechless and astounded by the sheer beauty of it all. I have a few other pictures that I’ll probably post at some point. This one is just one of my favorites. It’s hard to imagine something bad happening at such a beautiful place. This picture in particular does not display any sort of war-torn area, no battle fields, no death, just beauty, and that’s one of the most suprising pieces of Normandy. No one expects a place of sorrow to be so beautiful.